All Natural Products For A Better Lifestyle

All Natural Products For A Better Lifestyle

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It’s that time of year again. Making better choices and choosing healthier options.

Due to my son’s severe eczema and psoriasis, we’ve decided to make the switch as a family to all natural body products. Because of my asthma, my husband suggested we started using non-toxic cleaning products.

Shabby Chic Anabel Cleaner Aunt Carol Laundry Shop Isabel Appliance Cleaner

I had the opportunity to try a bunch of Shabby Chick products, everything from terrific cleaning products to wonderful body products.

Anabel All Purpose Cleaner will clean it all. It worked great on my counter tops, throughout my bathroom, and even on my walls. It is also recommended for cleaning ovens, car tires, and even keeping the bugs away! This cleaner worked terrific and never triggered my asthma. The smell left my kitchen and bathroom smelling very clean and pleasant!

A good glass cleaner is hard to find. I’ve been burned in the past by many streaky, ineffective glass and appliance cleaners. The idea of an all-natural version that worked efficiently seemed like a pipe dream. That was until I tried Isabel Glass & Appliance Cleaner. This is seriously good stuff. It smells minty and makes your mirrors sparkle. It’s nearly impossible to believe something without chemicals works this well.

Aunt Carol Laundry Soap has an amazing scent to it that beats any product I’ve bought at my local grocery store. It leaves your clothes smelling clean and looking great. What I like most is that I can use this on all of my son’s laundry and it won’t irritate his sensitive skin.

Shabby Chic Jessica Air Freshener and Evan Insect Repellent

Unfortunately, due to my asthma, I have had to go without air fresheners in my home for a long time. Inhaling all those chemicals would send me into coughing fits that made me miserable. However, thanks to Shabby Chick, I’m able to once again have an air freshener in my home! Jessica Air & Fabric Refresher is a slightly sweet, floral scent. I appreciate that it is made with ingredients I actually recognize! Water, Natural Spirits, and Essential Oils are all that reside in this product. I love that the Jessica Freshener is also safe to use around children and pets – no more nasty chemicals!

I was so excited by the idea of a natural, non-toxic bug repellent! Evan Insect Repellent is the perfect and safe option for everyone in your household this summer – from kids to adults. It’s nice to have a pleasant smelling option to keep the bugs away that isn’t formulated with harmful neurotoxins and chemicals.

Shabby Chic Jem Lotion Bar and Beard Budder

I’m officially obsessed with Shabby Chick Lotion Bars! I have always yearned for a sweet, yummy smelling body lotion that wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

The Jem Lotion Bar has become one of my favorite products by Shabby Chick. This stuff smells so delicious and flirty, it reminds me of an Appletini. It keeps my skin soft and the scent lasts throughout the day.

My husband is equally spoiled that I write for Beauty Brite. He enjoys trying different men’s products and finding out what works best for him. Beard Budder has become one of his favorites! He rubs the bar between his hands, letting it melt a bit from his body heat, and then works the lotion through his beard. The end result is a much softer texture for his facial hair. He is also a big fan of the earthy Frankincense and Myrrh scent.

Shabby Chic Sunshine and Frostii Lip Treatment

Shabby Chick Lip Treatments have been a real blessing this winter! They are made with gentle, all-natural ingredients like Coconut Oil and Essential Oils. Sunshine is a nice citrus flavor and Frostii is an invigorating, peppermint flavor. They glide on easily and leave your lips feeling silky smooth!

Medical Mommas Breakout Alert Facial Cleanser Astringent Moisturizing Elixir

Looking for a skin care line that is tough on breakouts but gentle on your face? I’ve really enjoyed the Medical Mommas Breakout Alert Line.

These products have a great, clean smell and are made with essential oils. The Breakout Alert Facial Cleanser is a nice, foaming wash that left my face feeling clean and free of oil and debris.

The Breakout Alert Astringent is my favorite product in the line. It is made with a blend of Apple Cider Vinegar, Rosemary oil, Tea Tree oil, Lemongrass oil, and several other essential oils. The astringent really helped clear up a lot of my stubborn break outs.

One of my favorite features about the Breakout Out Alert Moisturizing Elixir was the smell! This elixir is made with Tea Tree oil, Frankincense oil, and Lemon oil. The all-natural scent is so refreshing! It gave my skin just the right amount of moisture for the winter months without clogging my pores.

This line is a great hypo-allergenic option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Colorado Aromatics Red Rocks Beard Oil Parsley Eye Serum Clay Mask

Since the fall, my husband has been growing out his beard. As a woman, I had no idea how important products can be when managing facial hair. My son and husband both have very curly hair and swear by the power of Argan Oil. My husband has become a huge fan Red Rocks Beard Oil, infused with Argan Oil. It makes the texture of his beard much more soft and easy to maintain.

I’m always on the hunt for a good eye cream or serum. Parsley Eye Serum has worked really well for me so far! This serum is plentiful in Vitamins K & A. One of my favorite features is that this product combats both fine lines and dark circles. It’s perfect for a tired mom like me! Macadamia Nut, Olive, Meadowfoam Oils, and Parsley combine together to give this serum a silky texture that soothed my skin after removing my eye makeup. This serum is also recommended as a treatment for around lips and for facial massages.

Colorado Aromatics Clay Mask and a glass of red wine have become my indulgences at the end of a long week. This is a great treatment for my acne prone skin; it deep cleans and detoxifies my pores from makeup and environmental impurities. Colorado Aromatics recommends adding extras to your mask like essential oil, yogurt, or even juice! I like to add a little apple cider vinegar to mine if my skin is breaking out more than usual.

I have really enjoyed using Colorado Aromatics products, they are affordable and work well!

What are some of your favorite natural household and body care products? I’d love to hear your preferences in the comments!

For information on these great, all natural companies:

Shabby Chic Cleaners: Website / Instagram

Colorado Aromatics: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Medical Mommas: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube


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  1. gloria patterson says

    all of these products sound great…….. I am trying to go this route but BUDGET always raises its head

  2. Thanks for the review of Colorado Aromatics products!

  3. Thank you for a well thought out, insightful review! We at Shabby Chick get so excited when we hear we are helping people live more naturally! So glad you are able to enjoy air fresheners again! Now, off to make lotion bars… Have a great day!
    -Jason Malcom
    Shabby Chick

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