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2021 seems to be flying by! Before you know it the holidays will be here and the shopping frenzy will begin. New products have been making their debut just in time to get us thinking. We lined up 4 awesome companies that not only offer ‘must haves’ products, but can make great gifts this up-coming holiday season.

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Fresh Water On Hand

A cup of cold water is refreshing, especially on hot days. In the Northeastern part of the U.S, we have been experiencing unusually hot weather, upwards to 111 degrees!!! Talk about hot! Having cold water on hand that has been filtered is a must! The Water Drop Water Pitcher is perfect for hot days! The filter last longer than other big brands and can filter 200 gallons, that means it lasts for 3 months!

The Water Drop Water Pitcher comes in a variety of colors, so it can match any aesthetic. The water tastes crisp and clean without a trace of chlorine. The only issue I have is that the pitcher is constantly empty!!! So make sure who ever pours the last cup refills it!!

Hair & Skin Care Must Haves

Neora has wonderful skincare that is gentle enough to use daily. The Neora Age IQ Double Cleansing Face Wash is light weight and can be used with or without water. If you use oil based make-up, it’s best to use the Neora face wash on dry skin. It did a great job removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner with no irritation to the sensitive skin around my eyes. When used on wet skin, it worked up to a thick lather. Upon rinsing, it left my skin looking and feeling clean and bright.

The Neora Complexion Clearing Acne Pads helped with my daughter’s teenage acne. After 30 days of using it daily, her skin cleared up significantly. The key is persistence, using the Neora pads daily helped unclog her pores resulting in less breakouts and blemishes. It helped calm the redness around her acne and soothed her skin. I could tell she had more confidence with her appearance. As a momma of a young woman, I was happy to see her become more comfortable in her own skin, especially during these difficult teenage years.

The Neora Age IQ Invisi-Bloc is my favorite! This bottle does not leave my purse. I use it daily and already ordered a second bottle! I work on a farm and I am in the sun daily for 8-9 hours, so protecting my skin is very important. Applying sunscreen to your face and neck not only protects you from harmful cancer causing UV rays, but also prevents premature aging. The Neora Age IQ Invisi-Bloc is a light sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the skin. It did not feel heavy or greasy and did not leave a white cast behind. It’s ideal for daily use, and a great addition to your beach bag!

My hair has gone through a lot! I usually give my hair some extra TLC, and a hair mask is exactly what the doctor ordered. The Neora hair mask has changed my hair for the better after one month of using it weekly. My hair feels healthier, and does not look dry and brittle. I noticed when I styled my hair, my curls were smoother and not frizzy. My hair felt soft to the touch and had a beautiful bounce to it. A must have if in your hair care arsenal!

A Spiked Pick Me Up

Sometimes we need a little pick me up in more ways than one. Cask and Kettle hot cocktails has exactly what you are looking for in a spiked coffee. Not only does it give you the energy that you need, it will also offer a little bit of liquid courage. Cask and Kettle comes packaged in a Keurig style K-cup that is perfect for your single cup coffee maker.

Since we do not have a Keurig, we were still able to enjoy a delicious hot cup of spiked coffee. We just added 1 cup of hot water to a mug, then the contents of the pod, stirred and enjoyed. It was perfect! As an iced coffee, it was delicious, especially with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

My husband loved Cask and Kettle, especially the mint patty. After 2 cups of Cask and Kettle, my husband not only had his caffeinated energy, but he felt extra happy and relaxed! Not a bad way to enjoy your day.

I love that you can get creative with Cask and Kettle hot cocktails. You have options to add creamers, extra coffee liquor or even ice cream!! An amazing pantry staple that you can enjoy whenever needed.

Create An Ambiance

When it comes to product must haves, Aluminate Life has some goodies that are stunning! The candles look beautiful as home decor and even offers a purpose to your well being. The essential oil roller balls not only smell wonderful, but they look beautiful and would look great on any vanity.

The Energy Essential Oil Rollerball has pieces of red carnelian crystals inside. It has a citrus scent with lemon and peppermint notes. The smell is invigorating and does stimulate your senses giving you a push in energy.

The Focus candle is my favorite. Not only is the candle beautiful, but the actual packaging puts it over the top! The smell of ginger and lavender filled my home and the candle itself seemed to have a much brighter illumination than most candles I’ve had in the past.

The actual candle ‘vessel’ is very thick and strong, and can easily be reused. The added touch of fluorite crystals make these candles unique and special.

Which is your favorite product that is a must have?

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