Unique Ways To Stay Hydrated

Unique Ways To Stay HydratedBeauty Brite Disclosure

I like to stay active with my son by going for walks. This past summer, we went for a walk almost every single day. Now that summer is over and he’s back in school, I’d like to start taking on walks after school. The local park is about a mile away. That walk alone is perfect because that’s two miles of walking right there. If he wants to walk and play around the park, that’s even more fun! I know that he and I need to get out of the house more often, just for space, the fresh air, and the exercise. Walking is the perfect pace for us.

Since we love walking, I am always looking for unique ways to stay hydrated.

Vaya Drynk 3-in-1 Water Bottle (Sipper+Gulper)

My son loves drinking water throughout the day. I don’t like to buy sugary drinks or sodas and keep them in the house, so we are stuck with drinking water. The sodas are only purchased if we are out running errands and he’s thirsty! My son is very good and recognizing when he’s thirsty and knows how to fill up his water bottle.

The Vaya Drynk 3-in-1 Water Bottle (Sipper+Gulper) is perfect for him. It’s the perfect lightweight tumbler and allows me to use when we are out and about. The water bottle comes with two cups and two lids. He can drink directly from the water bottle or we can share, using the cups!

I can also use the Vaya Drynk 3-in-1 Water Bottle (Sipper+Gulper) to enjoy my coffee or tea in as it is an insulated tumbler! The water bottle keeps our drinks hot or cold and so convenient to use at home or on-the-go!

Kafé in the Box

I love enjoying my coffee or tea at home. I love my coffee mugs, but I also like to use an insulated cup, such as the Kafé in the Box! I love the unique design. The square shape also fits in any cup holder. For me, I use the Kafé in the Box at home. I love my morning coffee, whether it is iced or hot!

I love the unique design because the Kafé in the Box is splash-proof and the top opens up so I can use a straw if needed. This is also perfect for my son to use when we are in the car and he wants to drink a beverage using a straw.

Kafé in the Box is actually perfect for adults and kids to use. Little hands can easily hold the square shape cup and drink with a straw!

The Kafé in the Box offers unique ways to stay hydrated!

MultiFlask 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System

I am excited to have the Multi Flask 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System to stay hydrated on-the-go. My only complaint about the Multi Flask 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System is that they don’t have a handle or even a carabiner. It would be nice to be able to take the Multi Flask out and about with us, especially for our walks!

The Multi Flask 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System allows me to enjoy my hot and cold drinks using the corresponding bottle. There are 7 uses between the two bottles. I can enjoy hot coffee, hot tea, cold beverages, protein shakes, infused water or even cold brew coffee!

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If you’re looking for unique ways to stay hydrated, we shared our favorite products! Which ones catch your eye?

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