Trending Summer Styles For Women

Summer is finally getting ready to arrive! Read on to discover some of the trends you should be rocking.

Trending Summer Styles For Women

Bright Colored Jeans

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a fashionista then you simply cannot ignore the latest and hottest trend for bright colored jeans. This is a look filled to the brim with vibrancy and personality. If you like all eyes to be on you then you can guarantee they will be when you walk down the street in a pair of neon yellow jeans. If that wasn’t good enough, then you’ll be pleased to know that this is the perfect trend to rock with a tan. Once you get back from your summer vacation strut your stuff in your favorite pair of colorful jeans and you’ll be guaranteed to have a flock of male admirers.

But as is the case with every trend, you need to know how to work the style in order to look fantastic. This is all about finding an ensemble that’s true to your personality but also gets the most out of your bright colored jeans. Read on to unearth some great fashion forward suggestions.

Tame bright pink with a luscious lace

Bright pink jeans can make a striking impact. They are flirty, bold, playful, and exciting all wrapped up in one. Bearing this in mind, the best way to create a high fashion edge is to completely contrast this with an elegant, delicate, and intricate top. A beautiful white lace top will look simply stunning when placed with a pair of bright pink jeans. Finish off your look with voluminous curls and a clear lip gloss.

Rock the laidback look in bright blue

Bright blue colored jeans provide you with the perfect base for your outfit. There are lots of possibilities for great outfits, but the laidback look has to be the favourite. Summer style is all about looking sensual and striking without looking like you’ve made an inch of effort. Wear your hair in a loose ponytail, add your bright blue jeans, team with a grey cropped loose t-shirt, and finish off the look with statement earrings and a slick of candy pink lipstick. You will emulate the cute and flirty look flawlessly, and what’s best is you won’t even look like you’ve tried.

Neon yellow meets traditional denim

Neon yellow jeans are gorgeous. The best way to work this trend is to switch the roles. You would usually expect to see traditional blue denim on the bottom half of your body in the form of jeans or denim shorts, with the color brought in through your top. But fashion is all about breaking away from the norm. You should team your yellow jeans with a denim shirt. Go for a light wash denim shirt as it will not be as harsh against the yellow and thus the two garments will complement each other perfectly.

Add a pop of orange

Grunge up tangy orange

Bright orange jeans allude to everything that is summery and exciting. Inject a splash of black in order to make your outfit catwalk worthy. Black and orange create a dramatic contrast and the best way to finish off this look is with a statement gold necklace. This brings glamour to your outfit. Once everything is brought together you end up with the stunning blend of grunge meets summer glam.

Summer Accessory Trends

Nothing goes better with a sun-kissed tan than an on-trend accessory! From statement necklaces to drop earrings, there are so many ways to add the perfect finishing touch to your summer ensemble. Accessorising undoubtedly takes on greater importance throughout the warmer months. Keep on reading to discover some summer holiday accessories you simply cannot do without…

Statement Necklaces

There is only one place to begin and this is with the statement necklace. This accessory has the ability to turn a plain t-shirt dress into an eye-catching ensemble. Expect the compliments to come rolling in! The great thing about statement necklaces is the fact that there are no rules. You really can let your personality shine through with an array of colors, embellishments, jewels, materials, and designs. The bigger, the bolder, the better!

Lilac Accessories

Every summer there are colors that make a massive impression, and this is definitely lilac’s year. This pastel color is playful, fun, flirtatious and feminine, and will bring these qualities to any outfit you choose to wear. There are many different ways you can choose to accessorize with lilac, yet one of the easiest and most effective is with a lilac bag. A lilac clutch can be a cute and stylish finishing touch to any outfit.

Stacked Bangles

When it comes to summer style, stacked bangles bring the fun factor! This will bring personality and vibrancy to any outfit. Moreover, you can create a whole host of looks by mix and matching bangles yourself. Or, you can always buy sets of bangles to make it easier!

Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have achieved that elusive timeless status. They will never be deemed unfashionable or out-dated, and they are definitely making their presence felt this summer. Drop earrings are ideal for warm summer nights, adding a touch of glamour and elegance to any outfit. Moreover, a lot of people like to wear their hair up during the summer months – especially when on holiday, and thus a stunning pair of earrings is a must-have when sporting an up-do.

Flower Accessories

Flower Accessories

Last but not least, accessorize using flowers! From daisy earrings to flower head garlands, to gorgeous flower print bags… the options are well and truly endless! And, let’s face it; nothing quite says summer as flowers do! The great thing about this trend is that it can be adapted to suit any style and personality. You can go for dainty and cute accessories or bold and daring options. Moreover, you can mix it with any of the trends and accessories that have been mentioned. Purchasing a styling hair dryer and creating loose waves with a large flower clip is the perfect summer style.

From lilac clutch bags to stunning statement necklaces, there are many ways to ensure your summer style is on point. Search for beautiful one-off pieces. These offer an excellent way of standing out and being the envy of all your friends. With these accessories, you will undoubtedly be this year’s summer style queen!

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