Let Go Of Stress And Find Balance

Let go of stress and find balance with Utama Spice and Passport to Beauty!

Let Go Of Stress And Find Balance using aromatherapy

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I love oil diffusers. I keep one going whenever I am home. I like using them at my bedside, work desk, or while relaxing in the living room. Essential oils are so versatile as they can be used to naturally clean around your home, add scent to our air, boost our mood, calm anxiety, or help cleanse the air we breathe.

One of my favorite oil diffusers is the Ancient Apothecary Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser for its beautiful and unique shape! I keep it at my desk and have it going as I work.

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Winding Down With Essential Oils

Winding down with high-quality essential oils is effective and natural

Winding Down With Essential Oils

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I use aromatherapy whenever we are home. I choose to use essential oils as a way to purify and cleanse our indoor air. We spend a lot of time at home, so I want our air to smell fresh and clean, without the use of fake scented products.

Using essential oils is incredibly easy as there are many ways to feel the natural effects!

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How I Relax After A Hard Day

How I Relax After A Hard Day - Bright Endeavors Candles Black Currant Orchid Soy Candle, Aura Cacia Bath Products, Olay Dual Sided Body Cleanser

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Adulting is hard. There, I said it. Some days feel like you are wading through a battlefield and by the time you get home from your day’s activities it feels like you just want to collapse. But, you can’t because there are family issues to deal with, or homework and bath time with the kids, and dinner to make.

The point is that we all need down time to relax and recuperate from our day. One of the best ways to do that is to escape to a hot bath or shower. Lemme give you a glimpse of some items that I find essential to my relaxing end-of-day bath routine…. [read more]