Scents To Soothe Your Soul

Scents To Soothe Your Soul-artnaturals-Gurunanda-Everyone Products diffuser and essential oils

Beauty Brite Disclosure

There are many ways to soothe one’s soul, to feed a need inside (identified or not) to promote personal wellness, relaxation, exhilaration, peace … whatever it is that you need to make you feel complete. I have many ways to feed my soul — writing, reading, crochet, cooking and baking, among others.

The one thing that I have yet to explore in any great depth is scent when it comes to personal wellness. I dabble a bit, and by that I mean with candles and room sprays, mostly. Diffusers and essential oils are a new world for me but I’m learning a lot from Gurunanda®, artnaturals, and EO® Products about how to use them in everyday life. If you’re interested in this topic but as clueless as I am, let’s take a look at it together and see what it’s all about…. [read more]