Switch It Up With 2 Amazing Skin Care Routines

Our bodies are always changing, especially our skin. Sometimes our skin care routine needs a bit of an upgrade as we age. To keep up, you may have to take away or add products to your skin care ritual. Something I try to do often to delay the signs of aging. I was so excited to try two very different skin care lines, each with great results that I can not wait to share.

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Add Bee Venom To Your Routine



Regenacol created a beautiful skin care line that brings out your inner radiance. I was impressed not only with the product performance, but also with the sleek and stylish packaging that looks stunning on a vanity.

The Colostrum-LD Concentrated Face Mask is a refreshing and cooling face mask that can be used weekly. The mask was deeply saturated with the serum, and had ‘handling plastic’ that makes it easier to place on your face. The serum from the Colostrum-LD Concentrated Face Mask absorbed into my skin within the 15 minute time frame. There was a light tingling sensation that was relaxing. The face masks did have a clean floral scent, yet if you have scent sensitivity, this may not be the product for you.

After removing the Colostrum-LD Concentrated Face Mask, there was still serum left behind that I massaged into my face and neck. After 10 minutes the serum was fully absorbed. My skin looked fresh and clean with a healthy glow that felt velvety to the touch.

The Telomere Age Defiance Serum is ideal to use daily under your moisturizer. The component is unique. The twist cap raises a pump dispenser which allows the product to stay fresh longer. The serum is milky white in color and has a light floral smell. Three pea sized pumps was enough to cover my entire face down to my neck.

The Telomere Age Defiance Serum did not feel heavy or sticky on my skin, instead it was very soothing and absorbed quickly. My skin had a firmer appearance and I did experience a tightening sensation after applying. The serum gave my skin a more youthful and radiant look, just what I was after.

When I saw that Regenacol carried products that contained bee venom, I was beyond excited. Their Bee Venom with Colostrom is my favorite out of the line. The component had the same twist up pump as the Telomere Age Defiance Serum and a shaker bead inside to make sure the product is mixed well. Only 3 pumps of this creamy moisturizer was needed to cover my entire face and neck. There was a tingling sensation, but not as overwhelming as other bee venom products I have tried in the past.

My skin looked luminous after carrying out the 3 simple steps using Regenacol. Soft supple skin that had a youthful glow is exactly what this momma was looking for!

All About The Glow


Merle Norman


Washing your face is crucial before you start your skin care routine. The Skintelligent Cleanser by Merle Norman is a gentle face wash that cleans and exfoliates your skin. There is no scent which is ideal if you have a scent sensitivity and it lathers up nicely.

The Skintelligent Cleanser is gentle enough not to strip my skin of the hydration that it needs. My teenage daughter was able use it without issues of breakouts or irritation. The Skintelligent Cleanser was able to remove all my makeup without leaving any residue behind. Overall it left my skin clean and hydrated after each wash.

A good toner is a must after washing your face. The Skintelligent Toner is in my top 3 favorite toners to date and my preferred product out of the Merle Norman line. I was not the biggest fan of the application method, but the toner itself is amazing.

Upon application using a cotton square, my skin had a slight tingling and tightening sensation, but not drying. The tightening sensation helped reduce the appearance of my pores and it had no scent which I prefer. It left my skin looking youthful and radiant.

The Brilliant-C Eye Cream had a classic squeeze tube applicator. You only need a pea sized amount to cover the entire eye area. The eye cream felt cooling on the skin and absorbed quickly.

When applying makeup over the eye cream, it did not cause my eye makeup to pill or roll off. Over a two week course, I noticed the skin around my eyes looked firmer and had a healthy bounce to it that gave me a youthful look.

The Skintelligent Moisturizer has a convenient pump that makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product. It absorbed quickly and did not sit heavy. I loved the healthy glow it gave my skin. It did not look greasy, and my skin has a healthy, youthful bounce. Any texture that I had around my nose and cheeks were smoothed out allowing for an ideal canvas to lay makeup over.

Are you ready to give your skin care routine a face lift? Which products do you want to try?

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