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Why CBD beauty oils? There is so much wellness packed into these oils that the question should really be why not?! CBD beauty oils are not only therapeutic for your body, but also your mind.

CBD beauty oils help restore balance and well-being through your endocannabinoid system. CBD contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are ideal for a youthful glow to your skin. It protects your skin from environmental pollutants and sun damage that causes premature aging. CBD also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight bacteria causing blemishes that leads to breakouts or even infections.

Hello CBD Beauty Oil!

The idea of slathering CBD beauty oils all over my skin is highly intriguing due to all the amazing properties it has. So I could not wait to try CBD beauty oils that not only beautifies, but also has health benefits. Chakra Bliss Body Oil is a beautiful light weight oil that has no added colors or fragrances. It absorbed quickly into my skin and does not sit on top of the skin leaving a greasy appearance.

This is a great alternative to lotions (or you can even add Chakra Bliss to your favorite lotion for an extra boost) and is perfect for sensitive skin. I love how hydrating Chakra Bliss body oil is and that it leaves your skin dewy with a healthy glow.

  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Added Colors or Fragrances
  • Cruelty Free
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Organic Botanicals
Her Royal Hempress Chakra Bliss Body Oil retails $75.00 USD

Chakra Bliss is processed using the cold press method for extraction and has 400 mg of CBD. It has beneficial ingredients that are natural, potent and pure. The jasmine oil offers natural aromatherapy and contains properties that kill bacteria and fungi. The rosemary protects your skin from environmental damage and balances while toning your skin. The added ginger offers antioxidants and anti-aging properties where the calendula helps soothe skin from discomfort.

Sounding like a dreamy concoction so far? Let’s not forget Chakra Bliss body oil even has dandelion that is a great natural anti inflammatory, sunflower that hydrates and battles skin blemishes and even eyebright that tightens your skin and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. So many benefits packed into one glass pump bottle!

CBD Facial? Count Us In!

CBD facial oils are a strong win for skin care in my opinion. I have noticed so much change in the texture, tone and hydration in my skin that they have become a MUST in my skin care routine. I even began adding a few drops to some of my favorite day creams during my morning routine and the difference in how much brighter and clearer my skin has been is amazing.

Her Highness CBD Facial “Highly Beautified” left my skin looking and feeling hydrated & juicy. I now have such a healthy glow to my skin that I am not going back to my same old skin care routine. I loved the brightness it gave me on the high points of my cheeks and nose; the all natural ‘highlight‘ is gorgeous. Her Highness really has me saying ‘OMG’ on a daily!

I have achieved a healthy glow, even skin tone, minimal fine lines, very hydrated & incredibly soft skin. I am even starting to fall back in love with my freckles! What’s not to love about being ‘Highly Beautified’ with Her Highness?

A 37 yr old Momma of 3

Her Highness ‘Highly Beautified’ contains 250mg of CBD and hyaluronic acid. It has all the beneficial medicinal and beauty benefits CBD can offer as well as the plumping & hydrating effects from the hyaluronic acid. Her Highness ‘Highly Beautified’ is safe to use daily and great for sensitive skin. The rounded tip on the glass dropper makes it easy to apply and massage in 2-3 drops directly onto you skin daily.

Are you ready to introduce CBD beauty oils in your skincare routine?

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