Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Last Minute Shopper

This holiday season is going to be like non other. With lock-down in full effect, we have no choice but to do our holiday shopping on-line. To help ease some of that stress, we found some unique stocking stuffer ideas for the last minute shopper.

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The Jokester

We all know one, that person in your life who ALWAYS has jokes and loves to laugh. So what does a jokester need… a Poop Knife!! The whole concept had me grossed-out, confused and curious; so I HAD to get this for my older brother.

The Poop Knife is actually very well made and sturdy. My son thought it was a spatula to spread frosting!!! (Ugh…gross thoughts are happening!) The Poop Knife would be perfect for an office party gift or a fun gag gift for any occasion. The story behind the Poop Knife is laugh worthy! It is based off a viral Reddit post; if you need a good chuckle, be sure to give it read.

The Vegan

Let me preface this by saying, you do not have to be vegan to love this snack. Vegky can be for just about anyone! It makes a great stocking stuffer not only for vegans; but mushroom lovers, hikers or even the foodie in your life.

The texture of the Vegky is different than your typical jerky. It is more stringy, but has the same satisfactory rough chew.

My favorite was the Original. The Original Vegky is loaded with flavor. It has an Asian flair when it comes to taste and it’s so yummy!

The Spicy Mushroom Jerky and the Wasabi Mushroom Jerky were a little too spicy for my taste, but my brother and husband loved them! It is impossible just to eat one, but with Vegky there is no guilt because it is a good for you snack that helps boost energy.

For The Hard Worker

A simple and thoughtful gift for someone that is always ‘on-the-go‘ is the gift of pampering. Yet with the pandemic in full swing, a gift card to the spa is not possible with lock down in effect.

Fern Soapery has beautiful soaps and body scrubs that would make a great gift this holiday season. They are ideal for all skin types, all-natural and eco-friendly.

The packaging has a beautiful, sleek, yet lux look and all products from the Fern Soapery are made by hand.

The Mellow Meadow has a powdery scent that is very light. It is a relaxing yet nostalgic scent that brings back memories. I loved using it during nighttime baths to help wind down. The Charcoal Detox had a minty/tea tree scent that my husband immediately gravitated to. He has yet to touch his basic Irish Spring and I have a feeling he has no intentions of going back.

The Fern Soapery body scrub may be my favorite body scrub I have tried to date! It is not as bogged down with oils like other scrubs that I have come across. Instead, the body scrub has a creamier texture, and is loaded with fine grain sugar that is not overly rough on your skin.

The Fern Soapery body scrub did a wonderful job cleansing my skin leaving it smooth, soft and glowing. The scent is light and lingers, but not so much that it will interfere with your favorite perfume. It allows you to pamper your skin at least a few times a week to help your skin feel rejuvenated.

Peace of Mind

If you have someone in your life that is elderly and very dear to you, the Life Station would make an amazing gift. The Life Station offers peace of mind knowing that your loved one can get help in an instant with a touch of a button. With two elderly parents that includes a father with early onset dementia with a slew of medical issues, I worry a lot.

The Mobile LTE is ideal for active individuals that are always on-the-go like my parents. They love going for walks and Sunday outings. If something were to happen, or my father were to wander off the Mobile LTE can help us quickly pin point exactly where he is with the help of a mobile device. I love that I can check in to make sure they are safe and receive a text message with their location. You can even link the Mobile LTE to your Amazon Alexa.

The Mobile LTE is very easy to use. With just a press of a button, your call will be answered in seconds in order to assess the situation and send help. It does vibrate letting the user know that the call did go through. The Mobile LTE relies on the AT&T network to help pin point your exact location with GPS, has fall detection and is waterproof. It can easily be concealed under your shirt if needed and the cord has a safety break away feature to avoid strangulation.

I called customer service and had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas. He was able to answer all my questions to help me understand the features of the LifeStation. We even made sure all of the contact information was correct as well as discuss how we would like to handle an emergency in case one were to come about. Between having the device and excellent customer service, this is by far the best gift I could ever give my parents.

The LifeStation Luxury is a gorgeous and stylish medical alert necklace that looks just like high end jewelry. My mother instantly gravitated towards it and exclaimed ‘Now this I would wear!‘ It works with the Mobile LTE and can monitor where ever you are in the U.S. It also has a magnetic break away chain and the push button to send for help that is located right behind the pendant.

Personally, I have never seen such a stylish medical alert system, but it is such a great idea! Especially for stubborn loved ones who wont wear a medical alert necklace because it is ‘ugly’ or just doesn’t want anyone else to know they need one. At the end of the day, the gift of ‘peace of mind‘ is exactly what is needed.

What was your favorite stocking stuffer idea?

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