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Self care is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Using high quality or luxury products can elevate your experience when it comes to pampering. There is no doubt that treating yourself can help reduce stress, ease muscle tension and even boost your mood.

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Luxury Bath Soaks

Who doesn’t love a good soak after a long day, especially if it was a stressful one. I love taking long hot baths to help ease tension and pain throughout my joints and muscles. It is one of my go-to pampering treatments for therapy and self care. Empower Body Care CBD Luxury Soaking Salts elevates your bath experience and relaxes your body more than your basic Epsom salt soaks.

Empower CBD Luxury Soaking Salts contain 250 mg of CBD, Dead Sea & pink Himalayan salts and Epsom salt.

The light aroma of the lavender essential oils smell delightful and really enhance your relaxation experience.

Treating yourself to a soak at least once a week with Empower CBD Luxury Soaking Salts helps ease the tense nagging pain that has been disrupting your day. I felt lighter and more relaxed after my soak which helped with a good night sleep.

Luxury Body Oil

Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil is a gorgeous body oil that anyone would absolutely love. The roller applicator makes it easy to apply and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It is a very light oil that left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and calm. I love using Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil right after a hot shower or bath. I simply applied it all over my body after I toweled off and focused on trouble spots that tend hold tension or is dry.

Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil contains 500 mg of CBD. It has a light scent of lavender and wintergreen that is not too masculine or feminine so it is perfect for anyone to use.

I found Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil to be highly moisturizing and helped calm the redness on my arms from my kelaris pilaris. My skin felt silky smooth and had a healthy look and glow that lasted throughout the day.

I found myself reaching for Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil daily and applying it to my neck where I am normally tight from tension and stress. I keep it on my desk for ease of access throughout my work day, but it would look beautiful on top of a vanity due to its luxurious packaging. So not only is Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil ideal for skin care, but its also works very well for minor aches and pains.

Luxury Body Cream

Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Cream is the perfect way to end or even start your day. My favorite scent is the lavender & bergamont and my husband has been gravitating towards the peppermint & juniper scent. Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Cream is a very light and soothing body cream. It has a beautiful texture that does not sit heavy on the skin and is fast absorbing leaving your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

I love that Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Cream is not sticky and does not leave my skin looking greasy. It has more of a luxurious feel compared to other CBD creams that I have tried. Since it contains 400 mg of CBD it is not only ideal for calming redness and battling dryness; but works great to calm tense and sore muscles. I love how it cools and refreshes your skin which helps with tension and achenes.

Between the Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Oil and the Empower’s CBD Luxury Body Cream, the redness and texture on my arms from kilaris pilaris is practically non-exsistant. The combo of the oil and cream applied on your body is the perfect recipe for soft, hydrated and a healthy all over glow.

Are you ready to relax with luxurious body care?

You can also purchase Empower Body Care at Nordstrom.

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