Spice Things Up Behind Closed Doors

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Whether you are doing a little self exploration or want to spice things up to feel closer to your partner; introducing oils and toys into your sex life can make a delightful difference. So what are you waiting for? It is time to set the mood and make your fantasies come true with a little lube and toys.

Lube It Up!

Alleviates symptoms associated with menopause & endometriosis and enhances intercourse.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil; Grapeseed Oil; Vitamin E ; Almond Oil; Sunflower Seed Oil; Primrose Oil

Chiavaye Personal Moisturizer (3.5oz) retails $29.98 USD each

Live, Laugh, Lube.

Chiavaye (Key-a-Vay)

Lube. A word that can make any woman blush, or even feel a little intimidated by. But let’s face it, sometimes when your ready to tango with your partner (or by yourself), it can take a moment for your bits to catch up with your needs. This can be frustrating, especially when your ready to dive right into the fun. It does not mean you are any less turned on, it just means your body may not naturally produce enough mucus when you need/want it too.

Lube should be in every woman’s night stand. Not just for sex, but for vaginal wellness as well. Chiavaye checks all the boxes for a multi-use lube. It is great for sensitive skin no matter what stage of life you are in. Chiavaye helps with discomfort with dryness, itching, chafing, burning and the thinning of vaginal walls. You can even use it on your nipples for pleasure or to help heal dry cracked skin from breastfeeding.

Made with only SIX natural ingredients that are edible, Chiavaye is gynecologist recommended and is free of chemicals, silicones and toxins. Chiavaye will help make penetration enjoyable so you can reach your climax bringing the joy back into sexual satisfaction.

Chiavaye personal moisturizer has no fragrance or taste and comes in a beautiful glass amber bottle that helps protect the ingredients. It is not uncomfortably sticky and has a nice smooth slip to it. Perfect to use with a partner, with toys or simply as a moisturizer on dry skin. The best part, it does not stain the sheets!!! So not only are you left feeling comfortable and satisfied, you do not have to worry about ruining your bed.

Are you ready to lube up?

Spice Things Up With Toys

No Phthalates, BPA or Latex.

Body Safe Silicone

10 Vibration Settings

plusOne Personal Massager retails $24.98 USD

There is so much stigma attached to intimate toys when there really shouldn’t be. It is so important to self explore to find out your needs as to what brings you to your ultimate satisfaction. Personal massagers are great for beginners who want to learn a little more about what makes them excited or if you want to bring a little fun into the bedroom with your significant other.

plusOne is a great inexpensive personal massager that you can pick up at your local Walmart or Target. The silicone is very soft against your skin and has 10 vibration settings. The rounded head of the vibrator is flexible and allows you to find the perfect amount of pressure on your sweet spot.

In case you’re wondering about discretion, plusOne will not arouse suspicion. It is low on noise and can be used while in the shower or enjoying a bath. The plusOne takes around 90 minutes to reach a full charge and can last up to four hours of play time with your significant other or during self pleasure. The hygenic silicon is easy to clean before and after play and holds up nicely after every use.

Wind Down

Contains mineral oils, vitamin E and hemp seed oil.

100% All Natural

High On Love Sensual Bath Oil retails $45.00 USD

When it comes to self care and relaxation, sex and intimacy can help you reach a beautiful enlightened state. Combine that with a warm bath mixed with a sensual bath oil that’s safe to use during intimacy, I call that a game changer.

High On Love sensual bath oil is a hemp infused sensual bath oil that not only helps with body relaxation, but is safe to use with a partner during intimacy. The smell is incredible! The lavender and honey will peak your senses, while the mineral oil, hemp seed oil and vitamin E will nourish your skin.

Typical bath oils have chemicals and toxins that can irritate the sensitive skin and cause vaginal health issues. Any product loaded with fragrances and harsh detergents can strip away the protective oils from a womans vagina and even change the PH. No one wants to deal with infections or funky smells because of a bath!

High on Love is an all natural bath oil that is free of chemical ingredients and is exactly what your lady bits deserve. Not only is it safe to soak in and relish during intimacy, but there is no fuss with clean up afterwards. High On Love will not leave a ring behind on your bathtub making your entire experience stress free and satisfying.

How will you spice things up behind closed doors?

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