Small Changes To Help Your Budget And Environment

If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to cut your expenses. After quarantine started, I looked at my expenses and was able to cut an expense with my internet bill. Every few months, I am looking at my expenses to cut here and there. Recently, I decided to cut a huge expense and just focus on home repairs. My next project is getting my windows replaced! Are you looking to improve your budget? We share small changes to help your budget and environment

Small Changes To Help Your Budget And Environment
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If you’re looking to improve your budget and do your part for the environment, we found a few products that fit the bill! 

Roll out the pain

I received the MYO rykr roll Handheld Massage Roller from rykr roll in bamboo wood! I love the look of bamboo wood as it looks natural

MYO rykr roll Handheld Massage Roller

I love using the MYO rykr roll Handheld Massage Roller throughout the day. When I feel sore muscles coming on or they feel tender, I use use the massage roller for a few minutes all over my body. 

I like to relax in the evening, so using the MYO rykr roll Handheld Massage Roller is such a treat! I just bought a rowing machine, so the massage roller comes in handy. I also have a small squat machine and when I get sore from using that, the massage roller helps roll out the pain! 

I also use the MYO rykr roll Handheld Massage Roller when I have aches in my neck and even tension headaches! I try to avoid over the counter pain relievers, so reaching for the massage roller is my first choice! There are times when I sleep wrong and I wake up with a huge pain in my neck! I love that I have a natural pain relief solution! 

Stylish reusable shopping bags

Living in California, I bring my reusable shopping bags to the grocery store. I recently started using my Envirosax Palm Springs Pouch set and the cashiers at the grocery store always ask about them! 

Envirosax Oriental Spice Pouch folded

I am so excited to receive another set, this time I chose the Envirosax Oriental Spice Pouch set! I like that I have another set to use. Since the Envirosax bags are washable, I wash them after each trip! 

Envirosax Oriental Spice Pouch

With the Envirosax Oriental Spice Pouch, I’ve noticed they are lightweight, beautiful, and much bigger than plastic bags! I walk to the store, so using the Envirosax bags makes our trips so much easier. I can easily bag a ton of our groceries in each bag because they are so roomy! 

When you do switch to Envirosax, I highly recommend buying two sets! When you’re washing and air drying one set, you’ll have the other set to use when needed! 

Save your budget and environment

Having long hair, our drains get clogged quickly! Looking for a way to spare the expense of hiring a plumber or even purchasing products,I wanted a way to prevent the hair from getting caught! Why not stop the hair at the drain? It’s time to discover the TubShroom products for your home!


When I saw the TubShroom for the tubs, I knew I needed these! They are eco-friendly in that I don’t have to keep using and buying the drain cleaners! They look beautiful and while they are a bit bigger than my drains, I am still going to use them. I have effectively been able to capture so much hair since adding these to our tubs! 


I am so excited to have the ToiletShroom for each of our bathrooms! This one product is eco-friendly and multi-tasking! With two bathrooms, I have one toilet brush and plunger! It is such a hassle using that one brush and plunger for both toilets. 

The ToiletShroom now sits in both of our bathrooms! It’s a drain cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and clog remover! One handy item can handle so much!


I wanted the SinkShroom for the same reason as the TubShroom. There are times when I clog up the sink with hair as well! They easily get clogged every so often! Now, I can quickly and easily keep them clean with the SinkShroom

Kitchen SinkShroom

The Kitchen SinkShroom fits my sink perfectly! I have a double sink, so I needed one for the side that doesn’t have the garbage disposal! It looks beautiful and helps keep my drain from getting clogged up! 

Clean your indoor air

I love houseplants! I have houseplants all over our home. Of course, I can never have enough! Houseplants help naturally purify your indoor air

I once read that snake plants are also referred to as “bedroom plants” because they add oxygen to the air at night, while you sleep! Improve your sleep and add zen with snake plants! Since then, I have snake plants in the bedrooms! 

Zeylanica Snake Plant from Lively Root

Snake plants are also said to bring good luck! I also love snake plants because they are so easy to care for! 

I love my new Zeylanica Snake Plant from Lively Root! I chose the basket! I wanted something unique and I don’t have any plants in baskets! The snake plant arrived safely and securely packaged. 

I have the Zeylanica Snake Plant right at my bedside! I just love it! I have several small snake plants in the living room where my son sleeps. He actually has the majority of my plants near him! So he and I are both breathing in clean air! 

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