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Relax with CBD Products by The Hemp Division

The Hemp Division makes several products aimed at relaxation. All products come in different levels of CBD so that each person can find the right formula for them. They make a wide range of products aimed at health and relaxation. From teas and elixirs, to bath bombs, the Hemp Division has you covered.

I love The Hemp Division’s products. So much that I already placed an order for more. I tried several products and really loved each of them.

Hemp Infused Teas

The Hemp Division - CBD Products for Relaxation
The Hemp Division – CBD Products for Relaxation

These are the best CBD teas I have ever tried! The teas come in many flavors, Chamomile Mint, Turmeric Ginger, Cinnamon Spice, Yerba Mate, Yupon, and Mint, and Golden Milk. Each flavor has a different level of CBD in it so you can pick the best option for you. I also love that they have great relaxation names such as ”Chill”, “Calm”, “Center”, and “Focus”.

What I absolutely love about these is that they taste like tea, there is no weird CBD aftertaste which I find happens with a lot of products. I also found that they really work. From the lowest level of CBD, 08MG to the highest, 20MG, these teas really help you relax and rid you of anxiety and since you get to choose a level of CBD that’s best for you, you really can choose your level of “chill”. The teas run anywhere from $8 to $9 for 8 sachets, which is a great price comparatively.

Save 20% on your order using coupon code: Brite20. Shop their website!

Spark – Hemp Infused Elixir

The Hemp Division Spark Waters are by far my favorite product from The Hemp Division! I love these drinks. They are triple-filtered natural sparkling waters which they then infuse with natural flavoring and CBD. There are two flavors, Orange Mango and Tangy Lime, both of which are great. They are caffeine free, and each drink contains 20 MG of CBD. You can buy both flavors in mixed packs or buy packages of just one flavor. Each 12 pack is $45 but if you sign up for auto-ship you can save about $3.

Bath Balls

The Hemp Division also offers other product for relaxation such as CBD Bath Balls, tinctures, lotions, and salves. I tried one of their peppermint Bath Balls and it was wonderful! Unlike many bath bomb products, this did not dissolve as soon as it hit the water, it lasted long enough to actually enjoy a bath with it. It was great smelling and relaxing. The Bath Ball is $12.50, which is comparative to other CDB bath products.


The next company making great products for relaxation is Aromalief. Aromalief makes cruelty-free, vegan, pain relief creams made with Hemp oil and other natural products. Each cream contains 1000mg of Hemp oil. What’s different about these creams is that they combine aromatherapy with pain relief so not only do these creams get rid of your pain, they do it while providing relaxation and calming properties.

I have tried several similar pain relief products, some made with Hemp or CBD and some made without, and this is hands down the best product of this type I have ever used.

Aromalief 3-pack - Photo Credit Aromalief
Aromalief 3-pack – Photo Credit Aromalief

They make four different creams; Energizing Orange Ginger, Calming Lavender, Mild Scented Lavender, and Soothing Spearmint. I tried three, I went for the full Calming Lavender vs. the Mild Scented, and I loved them all!

First of all, they smell great and don’t leave you smelling like menthol like most over the counter products. The creams truly are creams, they are the consistency of a body butter and do not leave your skin feeling oily or sticky. Most importantly, they work! They quickly and effectively alleviate muscle aches and pains. I will definitely be buying more of these products.

You can buy a three-pack gift set, which contains one 2oz tube of Energizing Orange Ginger, Calming Lavender, and Soothing Spearmint, for $49 or you can buy individual creams in 2oz or 4oz tubes for $20 and $30.

Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals - Photo Credit Cheef Botanicals
Cheef Botanicals – Photo Credit Cheef Botanicals

The last company I want to tell you about is Cheef Botanicals. They offer a lot of products made with CDB to help you relax. All of their products are organic, plant-based vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten free and dairy free. Cheef Botanicals uses no artificial flavors or colors.

The make a wide range of products; tinctures, topicals, edibles, bath bombs, and THC free CBD vape cartridges and flowers.

I sampled two of their CBD Body Lotions, in Cucumber Melon and Orange Bliss. Their body lotions contain 200mg or 800mg of CBD. They are basically a body lotion for moisturizing, with CBD added to help you relax and de-stress.

You can get a 2oz bottle of the 200mg Cheef Botanicals’ Body Lotion for $17.95 or a 2oz bottle of the 800mg for $39.95. You can even do a monthly subscription and get them for $16.15 or $35.95 and you get 15% off your first purchase.


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