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When we were pregnant with our son many years ago, we were buying everything baby! We had no idea what we needed but it seemed like we were both thinking of different needs. He was thinking about the tools needed to care for our son, while I was thinking about clothing, diapers, baby bathing products, and even other household needs.

In the end, I am so glad he picked up a little kit of baby necessities. The kit consisted of nail clippers, nasal aspirator, and thermometer. The items in the kit came in handy many times. The thermometer was perfect because we only had to press it gently on his temple to get a temperature reader. It was perfect to use with a sick baby.

When you’re a parent of a school-aged child you learn very quickly how important it is to be a prepared parent for the school year!

Being prepared is one of the first things I learned as a parent.

When it comes to parenting, I always try to be prepared, even when we are away from home. When we travel, I like to overpack with clothing and other child necessities. You never know what can happen, so I like to be prepared!

If you’re looking for additional ways to be prepared for school and beyond, we featured a hair cutting kit, a gaming headset, and several chargers for mobile devices that fit the modern family!

Infrared No-Touch Thermometer

With my son’s special needs, he is unable to tell me when he is not feeling well. I can usually tell when he isn’t feeling well by the way he looks or acts. Over the years, I have since lost our thermometer, so I am thrilled to have the Infrared No-Touch Thermometer now!

Infrared No-Touch Thermometer in hand

I love that I can take his temperature in a matter of seconds. I don’t have time to mess with complicated devices, and my son doesn’t have much patience. The Infrared No-Touch Thermometer is quick and easy! My son can barely sit still, even when he isn’t feeling well, so this is just perfect. Not only that, I don’t even need to touch the device to his skin, I only need to hold it close to his forehead and press a button.

Infrared No-Touch Thermometer easy to read

The thermometer is easy to read, safe, sanitary and perfect to use with kids of all ages and abilities. This special needs mom definitely approves of the Infrared No-Touch Thermometer.

You can find the Infrared No-Touch Thermometer at Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

Are you a prepared parent for the school year? Don’t forget the thermometer!

Fenrici Inspires Bravery Backpack

After a few years of my son going to school, I learned that his backpack was barely lasting a full school year. His very first one was purchased at a second-hand store. It did last a few years but I wanted a sturdy backpack for him. It wasn’t until he was in third grade that I found one from a quality brand. That backpack lasted a few years until the zipper got caught and I couldn’t get it undone. I was going to get it replaced by the company but it would have been a hassle to send it back. I chose to just buy a brand new one from the same company. He still uses that backpack to this day and he is in 7th grade!

Since I want my son to have a little variety and style, I wanted another bag for him to use. He can use it for school or when we need to travel. A backpack always comes in handy during travel. He can use the backpack to carry clothes, toys, or help us carry any necessities needed for the trip.

Fenrici Inspires Bravery Backpack inside

I chose the ocean blue camo design backpack. It is the Fenrici Inspires Bravery Backpack. As you can see it is the perfect size for a child, teen, or adult. My son can definitely grow with this backpack.

When the Fenrici Inspires Bravery Backpack arrived, I didn’t even have to tell him it was his, he automatically grabbed it to try it on and run around with it!

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The kids are back at school, are you ready? Be a prepared parent for the school year!

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  1. My son would love that backpack! He’s super into camo right now! tI looks like it has lots of room, which we so need this year! I never knew he’d be coming home with so much stuff in the 2nd grade!

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