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CBD has been taking the market by storm and it can feel overwhelming when hunting for the perfect product to suit your needs. We took that stress away and found an amazing one-stop-shop for all your CBD beauty and wellness needs!

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CBD Collagen Supplements

Lately, I have been obsessed with adding collagen into my diet. My skin and nails have been healthier & stronger and my overall movement has been easier. When Swanson offered a chance to try a CBD collagen supplement, I jumped at the opportunity.

Garden of Life has an array of supplements that are ideal to meet your wellness needs. Their Grass Fed Collagen with CBD offers double the wellness for your skin and joint health.

There is 15 mg of CBD per serving and since it is unflavored it can be added to just about everything for the extra boost of health benefits. You can add Garden of Life’s collagen to your morning coffee, tea, protein shakes or even to your baking recipes.

It is gluten free with no GMO’s and does not have any after taste. I love adding Garden of Life collagen to my morning protein shakes for a triple threat boost of wellness. As with any supplement, consistency is key. I was able to see progress in my skin and a boost in focus in as little as two weeks. I can not wait to experiment more with baking so my whole family can experience the benefits of collagen and CBD being introduced to their diet.

CBD Anti-Aging Beauty Cream

When is comes to anti-aging beauty creams, Rena’s Organic Anti-Aging Beauty Cream is a must try! It is unscented so it ideal for anyone who has scent sensitivities. It is not heavy or greasy and I love that it is fast absorbing and does not sit on top of your skin.

Rena’s Beauty Cream is highly moisturizing and left my skin looking and feeling hydrated. Overall my skin felt soft and supple with daily use. The texture around my nose and chin has reduced drastically which I was very excited about.

Rena’s Organic Beauty Cream contains a high dose of 1000 mg of CBD and contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This high dose of CBD has helped reduce the fine lines around my eyes and mouth after daily use for over a period of just two weeks! Overall I loved how healthy and soft my skin looks and how my makeup application has been incredibly smooth.

CBD Balm For Deep Hydration

When it comes to body care, dry skin can be a bummer, especially since the dry months of winter are right around the corner.

Swanson’s Full Spectrum Balm is a heavy balm that is ideal for dry skin. It contains 150 mg of CBD which acts as a great anti-inflammatory agent to calm your skin. Since it is a balm, you would need to take extra care in massaging it into your troublesome areas to help it absorb.

The heaviness of Swanson’s Full Spectrum Balm can help you get through the dry months of winter by not only hydrating your skin, but protecting it as well. It has a light peppermint scent that is not overwhelming, but very relaxing which I really like. I found that I only needed to apply the balm once a day only to the areas on my body that are eczema prone. Swanson’s Full Spectrum Balm left my skin feeling hydrated and kept my eczema flair ups calm.

CBD Plumping Eye Serum

I have tried many natural eye serums, but hydroCanna hands down has to be my favorite! It has a very affordable price point of only $24.99 and contains 40 mg of full spectrum CBD. I have been using it 2x a day, morning and evening, and I have noticed a huge difference in the overall brightness around my eyes.

hydroCanna is light weight and absorbs quickly into your skin. I was able to apply my eye makeup over it with no issues. It contains a very unique ingredient called C60 that is essential in Japanese skin care. C60 is 172 times stronger than any other antioxidant on the market and naturally reduces inflammation, so say goodbye to puffy eyes!

Overall I loved how open and awake my eyes looked just after two weeks of daily use. The sensitive skin around my eyes felt smooth, hydrated and looked healthy and bright.

Are you ready to visit Swanson for all your CBD beauty & wellness needs??

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