No Need To Compromise Your Lifestyle

No Need To Compromise Your LifestyleBeauty Brite Disclosure

Being back home in California, I am doing my best to acclimate to my new lifestyle. I am enjoying the weather and my son is doing great too! He loves school as always. We try to take advantage of the great weather too! Whenever the weather is nice out, I take the time to go for a walk for the fresh air.

Are you a busy mom? There is no need to compromise your lifestyle! Let us show you how!

I may be a stay at home mom, but I am always looking for cute workout clothes and stylish and chic clothes! These days, I find myself trying different styles and looks! Are you looking for a better night’s sleep? Want to add music to your workouts? We found the perfect products for you!


I first fell in love with pilates the same year I was married. I loved that all I needed was a yoga mat. Pilates allowed me to workout at home. I found myself squeezing in a workout before or after work! It wasn’t until years later that I decided to give yoga a try! What I love about both yoga and pilates is that I can wear comfortable clothing!

YogaClub is a subscription-based service. You can choose your styles, sizes and a stylist chooses clothes based on your preferences. It is super easy to sign up too! If you love stylish workout clothes, YogaClub is a great choice for you! Your clothes are delivered right to your door!

What do you think of the styles I was sent? I love the colors and the style! I love the cover-up too.

YogaClub allows me to feel confident with my fitness and lifestyle!

Catalina Poncho

I normally wouldn’t wear a poncho but I am trying to expand my usual styles and decided to try the beautiful Catalina Poncho from shopmimi. The poncho is very stylish and the colors are perfect! I like to wear the poncho with skinny jeans or capris! I love that I can wear a tank top or light top underneath!

The poncho is just as flowy and light as it looks on the website. I chose the petite size and it is perfect for me!

Catalina Poncho from shopmimi can be dressed up or down. The poncho is perfect to wear for date night or to run errands in! How would you wear the Catalina Poncho?

There is no need to compromise your lifestyle when you wear chic clothing like the poncho! Just because you’re a mom, don’t forget about your own fashion!

Rocabi weighted blanket

With my son have Autism, I have considered using a weighted blanket for him. However, I’ve been having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep. I find myself waking up around midnight, 2 am or even 3 am for no reason!

Rocabi weighted blanket on bed

Since I’ve been using the weighted blanket from Rocabi, I find myself feeling much more relaxed! The blanket helps keep me feeling grounded and comfortable.  Using a weighted blanket allows me to fall asleep naturally without using technology or medicine.

Do you have an on-the-go schedule? There is no need to compromise your lifestyle! It is possible to feel great!

Polk BOOM Bit

I love going for a walk during the day when the weather is perfect outside. I also love listening to music. However, earbuds and headphones do not work for me. When I saw the Polk BOOM Bit (wearable Bluetooth speaker), I knew I had to try it. It is exactly the type of product I need! The speaker allows me to wear the speaker on my top and listen to music! I can easily adjust the volume as needed.

The Polk BOOM Bit is easy to connect via Bluetooth as well. I listen to music on Pandora or another music app on my phone.

The Polk BOOM Bit is easy to charge, you just need a USB outlet. One charge lasts 3 hours. Now that I have the Polk BOOM Bit, I am more likely to go outside. Music helps me stay motivated!

You can find the Polk BOOM Bit on Amazon and Best Buy.

Tenacity Jeans

I love the dark wash of the Tenacity Jeans. They are skinny jeans, which are my favorite type of jeans since I can wear flats with them. Tenacity Jeans are perfect for active women and even made by active women.

The Tenacity Jeans are a bit stiff when I first tried them on, so be sure to wash them in cold water. I tend to wash my jeans in the gentle cycle and then hang dry to preserve the color.

The fit of the Tenacity Jeans is a little snug on me, which gives me something to work towards fitting into!

Tenacity Jeans allow you to be active and look chic! No need to compromise your lifestyle with a cute pair of jeans!

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As you can see, there is no need to compromise your lifestyle! What products do you want to try?

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