Naturally Tackle Teen Acne And Beyond

My sweet boy is a teen. A few months ago, he started suffering from acne on the face, back, and neck! I didn’t want to turn to medication, but I was desperate. I tried a few products with very small results. We recently found Grandpa’s Soap! Now, we can naturally tackle teen acne and beyond! 

Naturally Tackle Teen Acne And Beyond
Beauty Brite Disclosure

When it comes to beauty, I prefer natural, vegan, cruelty free products! My son and I even use natural deodorant! Even with household cleaners, I choose natural products as much as possible! 

Acne and General Cleaning

Since I approach beauty and household cleaning with natural products, it was only natural that I try natural remedies for acne! My son has acne on his beautiful face, back, and chest. I have tried 3 different products over the last several months and the acne is still there.

As a teen, he also has the typical teen smell! I was sent Thylox Bar Soap, Pine Tar Bar Soap, and Pine Tar Body Wash to try! I was very excited to try products that were targeted for my teen son! 

Thylox, Pine Tar Soap and Body Wash

We’ve been using the Thylox Bar Soap for almost two weeks now. We use it on his face, back, and chest only. 

Each day, I check my son’s skin for any difference! I know it won’t be right away but I want to know if this works or not. So far, we are barely two weeks in and I see a big difference. He still has acne, but I can see it getting less red and his skin is calming down! 

I recently started using the Pine Tar Bar Soap and Pine Tar Body Wash with him as well. The Pine Tar Bar Soap is considered a 3-in-1 product, which means I can use it in his hair, face, and body! I use the soap on his hair and skin! 

Then, I follow up with the Pine Tar Body Wash for his body! I basically use it from his neck to his toes! Both products have helped him smell better too! 

Hair care 

We were also sent Rosemary Shampoo and Rose Clay Deep Conditioner and I immediately stole those to use them on my own! 

Rosemary Shampoo and Rose Clay Deep Conditioner

When using the Rosemary Shampoo, you only need a small dab since it seems to be thick and concentrated! I am able to massage it into my scalp and throughout my hair. I then follow up with the Rose Clay Deep Conditioner

My hair looks healthier and easier to manage! It also feels less weighed down. It has a natural bounce, which I love

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