Meeting His Parents? How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

A 2019 Pew Research Center survey revealed that 47% of Americans think dating is now harder than it was 10 years ago. Therefore, it is a real privilege to be in a healthy relationship that seems to be getting serious by the day. For most individuals, an invitation to meet the parents is the biggest positive affirmation of a relationship heading in the right direction. However, it isn’t uncommon to be anxious about meeting your partner’s parents for the first time since the entire experience is much like going for an interview. Nevertheless, things can go as smoothly as possible by following some tried and tested tips. Below are some top tips for meeting the parents for the first time

Meeting His Parents How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

Make a good impression

Be presentable

Physical appearance shouldn’t matter in how we perceive others, but this is sadly not the case. Indeed, a 2009 study discovered that people judge the personality of others based on their appearance. Therefore, you will likely get only one chance to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s parents, so it is prudent to make the most of it. Consequently, do your best to look smart and presentable to impress his parents. You can get as much information from your partner as possible to prevent overdressing or looking sloppy. In addition, it is best to avoid mini skirts, see-through dresses, and anything that shows off a bit too much. Also, consider wearing shoes instead of sneakers, and be conservative with makeup. You can still retain your dress sense or personal style elements, like sporting one of your favorite mushroom blonde hair looks. However, ensure that whatever clothing, makeup, and hairstyling options you opt for make you look presentable.

Avoid PDA

Public displays of affection (PDA) are common among young couples and a mainstay of many modern relationships. Many relationship experts even encourage showing love to your partner through holding hands, kissing, and hugging. However, a 2014 YouGovAmerica study reveals that most Americans aren’t huge PDA fans, with 75% and 55% of them being against couples engaging in heavy petting and lighter petting, respectively. Your partner’s parents will likely be appalled by PDA, so consider avoiding it while visiting them. It is uncomfortable and awkward for anyone to watch two people being overly affectionate in public. Therefore, spare a thought for your boyfriend’s parents, who may feel even more awkward if their child is kissing, cuddling, or caressing. There are times and places where PDA is acceptable, like on date night and under the Eiffel Tower. However, these acts of affection may come off the wrong way in your partner’s parents’ presence, so it is best to avoid them altogether.

Put your best food forward

Don’t arrive empty-handed

A general rule of thumb for meeting your partner’s parents for the first time is to arrive with a gift. Therefore, take along a gift irrespective of the time of year or how small your gift is. Gifts are important because they show gratitude for the invitation and help you come across as thoughtful. Toys for the family pet, baked goods, a flower arrangement ahead of time, and a box of chocolates are all excellent gift ideas to make a great first impression. A good bottle of wine is also worth considering, but always ask your partner about their parents’ stance on alcohol before giving it to avoid offending them if they are non-drinkers.

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Follow the house rules

The cultural differences between you and your partner’s upbringing can be quite a lot, so you may have to adjust to many new things when visiting his parents for the first time. A standard rule to abide by is to follow the house rules to the letter, irrespective of how odd or restricting they may seem. If there are shoes at the door, take yours off. If the family dog isn’t fed from the table, don’t feed it leftovers from your plate. If they say grace, sit quietly or participate if you’re religious. In several African cultures, stooping to greet elders is a huge sign of respect. Therefore, if your boyfriend’s parents are African, this would make them think very highly of you. The biggest house rule shock you might get is your partner’s parents insisting on you sleeping in different bedrooms, especially if they are old-fashioned. Although these may not be practices you would normally do, remember you are a guest in their house the inconvenience is only for a night or two.

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