Life Changing Products For Any Lifestyle

These days, we may be stuck at home. With so many restrictions and things slowly opening back up, many had to adapt. Some created home gyms, we had to change our routine, our kids are learning from home, and more! We gathered life changing products for any lifestyle to consider! 

Life Changing Products For Any Lifestyle
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Many of my neighbors have added exercise equipment in their garages. I have also seen many of them working out throughout the day and evening! For me, I am thankful I now have two small exercise machines! I recently bought a rowing machine and while the exercises are low impact, I still wanted to be prepared for sore muscles

Immediate Relief

CBD is hot right now. I am amazed that there are now pain relief products with CBD! I am all about natural products, so I was so excited to try Muscle MX products! 

The TOPICAL CBD Bundle includes CBD Balm Activate, Recovery, and CBD Restore Lotion


I have pain in my right wrist. It’s been happening for years. I think it’s from blogging and smartphone use! I can tell I have weak wrists when I try to do yoga! 

What I love most about the TOPICAL CBD Bundle is that it is easy to apply, takes only seconds and mess free! I keep them in my bedroom, so I can apply them as needed and throughout the day and evening. 

CBD Balm Activate and Recovery

Even with my low impact workouts, I use the CBD Balm Activate before my workout and apply the CBD Balm Recovery as needed. When I need additional support with soreness, I use the CBD Restore Lotion! 

CBD Restore Lotion

I even have pain in my neck or even tension headaches. I reach for the CBD Restore Lotion and it helps with the pain! 

I have used the TOPICAL CBD Bundle on my lower back, thighs, arms, and neck! I don’t even mind that I do have to reapply because they help alleviate the pain. 

Calm and Soften the skin

My son is a teen and has acne breakouts everywhere, on his beautiful face and his back! I’ve tried everything! I’ve tried argan oil, jojoba oil, and even one of the oils with a drop of neem oil! I even use natural soap! Still, none of those options have helped! 

Cannabis Sativa and Jojoba Oil Blend

I was sent the Cannabis Sativa and Jojoba Oil Blend from Desert Essence and am impressed as I saw a major difference after the first use! 

I apply the Cannabis Sativa and Jojoba Oil Blend all over my son’s body, from head to toe! Yes, I apply to his beautiful face too! Later that same night, I noticed his skin was much calmer and his breakouts were less red! 

The Cannabis Sativa and Jojoba Oil Blend is truly amazing! Not only does it soften our skin but it’s helping with my son’s breakouts! I use this both of us with no skin irritations! 

Massage at home

The Curved Massager from GetherDirect is a handy tool! I keep mine at my bedside and use it in the evening as I am relaxing and watching TV. 

GetherDirect Curved Massager

When it comes to pain, popping over the counter medicine is my last resort. The Curved Massager offers 7 speed and intensity settings! It is lightweight and easy to use anywhere on the body! 

The Curved Massager comes with a charging cord and drawstring pouch! 

I find myself using the Curved Massager every night! It is such a nice way to relax and get natural pain relief. I use it on my neck, back, arms, and legs! It literally helps me feel better! 

No more itch from bug bites

It never fails! When I spend time outside, I end up with mosquito bites! Whenever that happens, I am so itchy and try all kinds of natural remedies, including a cold/hot spoon compress, coconut oil, argan oil, hydrogen peroxide, and even anti-itch creams! They help for a bit and then I’m itching again! 

Bite Away

I am so excited to have the Bite Away ready to go! It is also portable! I keep it with my homemade first aid kit!

When it comes to my son, I try to stick with natural products as well. I dislike when he’s itching too. I feel confident using Bite Away on his skin too! He’s a quick one, meaning he doesn’t like standing still for very long, so the Bite Away will come in handy as it only takes seconds to take the itch away!

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