It’s Time to Watch Your Health

It's Time to Watch Your Health

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I’ll be the first one to say that I don’t take care of myself the way I should. Not for lack of wanting to but as a mom of four little ones six and under, I usually just don’t have the time. So I’ve been looking for ways to help me keep track of sleep, eating, and my everyday well-being. I usually try and make sure the kids are so well taken care of but I forget all about myself. So when I got the chance to try the GoBe2 by Healbe I was so excited at the prospect of something that goes everywhere with me and doesn’t take time away from my everyday life, it’s everything you need all in one place.

This watch does it all!

Gobe2 watch

First off, what all does this watch do? It measures your calorie intake, hydrations, anxiety levels, and sleep patterns. It also tells time, and tracks your steps and distance walked. So let’s be honest when I got this I thought that there was no way that this watch would work and do all the things it said, but man was I wrong.

gobe2 sleep

My favorite thing about the GoBe2 is the sleep tracker. With my youngest being five months old I was really interested in seeing how much I actually sleep. The watch tracks your heart rate, and movement to analyze your sleeping patterns for a better nights sleep. I like that it breaks it down sleep time, REM sleep, and time that you are awake when you are up. So far in the few days that I’ve been using the GoBe2 I’ve noticed that while I “sleep” I am getting only very little REM sleep. So now I can work towards setting up better-sleeping habits and resting better.

Another great feature of this watch is the emotion/stress indicator. As someone who suffers from clinical anxiety, this watch actually keeps track of the episodes that I have by measuring things like increased heart rate and changes in your skin to help you find what triggers your stress. It also keeps track in a graph in time form to make sure you get the best results and you will be able to stay away from your stress triggers.

Gobe2 anxiety

Need to track your water intake? Well, the GoBe2 can do this too! The watch monitors your water consumption and actually tells you when you need to up your intake. I always forget or get busy with something else and it tells me when my water intake is low. This way, at work instead of getting dehydrated, the watch sends out a reminder and that way I can always perform my job without losing a beat while keeping myself where I need to be!

I hate counting calories, and whats worse is you always have to be looking at a label or have extra apps downloaded on your phone to do this. WIth GoBe2’s new FLOW technology, it takes all the guesswork out of it. Every person is different so the way you absorb them is going to be different than someone else, but this is based on your body. To me, this is a great way to keep up with everything. It will also tell you the number of calories you burn during the day and your energy levels.

All in all, I think this is a great choice for a watch that will do everything you need it to do to keep you in the best shape and keep your health on top of what it needs to be.  Interested in finding out more information or getting your own GoBe2?

Check it out: website, Facebook, Amazon.

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What would be your favorite feature of the GoBe2 watch?



  1. Sarah says

    I’ve always used Fitbit and have never even heard of this watch – but I’m really interested to check it out. It has such a nice design to it as well!

  2. I need this! I’m like you – I take care of everyone else and that little time to take care of myself. But I’m getting older an that needs to change!

  3. This seems like such a good investment! I like that it tracks things that are important for everyone, not just activity levels for people trying to get fit.

  4. Great review on GoBe2, I love it has so many featues and including the sleep tracker. Sleep is so important in our daily life as it took out one third of our day so to keep track whether we have a good sleep is so important.

  5. Elizabeth O says

    This seems like a really good product. I like that it shows you your sleep and stress levels that would be really handy indeed. It looks so great.

  6. britbrat269 says

    I never hear of this watch until reading this. It sounds amazing. Definitely a much needed mom tool. I feel as a mom, we all tend to slack off on taking care of ourselves to make sure our children are taken care of.

  7. Dana says

    Wow, this is awesome. I love hiw technology helps usin every single day. I have to look into this.

  8. Megan says

    This is cool! I use the Apple Watch and I really love it, but I love seeing what other people use for their fitness!

  9. I have JUST started growing interested in products like this as I start my journey to get fit! Is there a display on it? Curious what it looks like!

  10. I need something like this! My health is my first priority after having a child!

  11. I really do try to keep track of it. I do not need it getting out of hand on me!

  12. OMG I need that watch in my life. My stress and anxiety has been through the rough after job changes and with two kids now.. This past year has been awful! Sounds like a great watch

  13. Esme Sy says

    As bad as it may sound, at first I simply called these things as a “know-it-all”. I didn’t realize that it’s for real and the statement is actually a good thing! Keeping track of everything you need from a health perspective should really be a priority for all people.

  14. Leigh Anne Borders says

    Sounds like a great fitness tracker. I love the idea of a sleep tracker. I need to look more closely at the one I got to see how it compares to this one Might be time to upgrade.

  15. Hmmm, you picked my interest. I think this is great. 🙂

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