Inspired To Spring Clean And Redecorate

Inspired To Spring Clean And Redecorate

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A few months ago, my son and I moved back home with my parents. It was quite a change for the both of us. Since then, I have been working towards helping my parents clean and redecorate. They’ve been meaning to update their home. So far, they’ve updated the curtains in the room that my son and I now sleep in.

Are you feeling inspired to spring clean and redecorate? We have a few suggestions to get you started!

My parents have a big front room that had curtains that were floor to ceiling. The curtains came with the house and they’ve been meaning to update them! My son and I spent most of our time in the front room, it’s our “living room” where our television is. This room gives us our own space to watch what we want on TV.

We were ready for a change.  Are you?

It’s time to get inspired to spring clean and redecorate!  Ready?

Eclipse Thermalayer Deron Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel in Marble

Due to the size of the window in the front room, they chose 4 panels of the Eclipse Thermalayer Deron Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel in Marble. Marble is a nice neutral color and goes perfectly in the room.

Eclipse Thermalayer Deron Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel

My parents ordered the curtain rods online and they happened to arrive on the same day the curtain panels did. After cleaning and removing the old curtains and curtain rods, they were able to install the new curtain rods and Eclipse Thermalayer Deron Blackout Grommet Curtain Panels in just a few hours.

Eclipse Thermalayer Deron Blackout Grommet Curtain Panels hanging up

The Eclipse curtains offer privacy, help manage light, reduce noise and help save energy! I am always looking for ways to save on energy costs, help retain heat and stay cool with each season.

The curtain panels work naturally to allow you to be comfortable in your living space.

H20 at Home

Now that my son and I are settled in, I wanted to rebuild my cleaning supplies. I prefer to use eco-friendly, natural cleaning solutions and a microfiber cloth to clean! I am so thrilled to have a mop to clean our bathroom floor with. Otherwise, I was using a microfiber cloth to manually clean! I am also excited to have more microfiber cloth on hand to clean different surfaces.

Using eco-friendly products allow you to clean and get inspired to spring clean!

H20 at Home Essential Mop Kit

The Essential Mop Kit included the mop (pole and aluminum plate) and the scrubber mop head and polisher mop head. I tend to clean with vinegar and water or castile soap mixed with water to help disinfect. The mop is super easy to assemble and adjust to the height you need. Just choose your mop head and you are good to go. I started with the scrubber mop to clean our bathroom floor. I use a spray bottle with vinegar and water and spray it on our floor, I then take the mop and start scrubbing and cleaning our floors! It is super easy! When I am done scrubbing, I take the polisher mop and do another light cleaning with vinegar and water or none at all and use the polisher mop to shine the floors.

It’s never too late to get inspired to spring clean and redecorate! 

H20 at Home Variety Kit

I love the Variety Kit since it comes with 3 different microfiber cloths that can be used for different surfaces. I can use each cloth to clean our bathroom and any surfaces around our home. I like to dust and there’s a cloth for that. I also have mirrors and windows that need cleaning. The Variety Kit is perfect for any household! Green cleaning is easy and great for those on a budget.  If needed, start with microfiber cloth and water!

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning? Get Inspired To Spring Clean And Redecorate!

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  1. I’ve been redecorating, too. My daughter just moved into her very first apartment last month. Of course she took all of her furnishings and stuff with her, so I’m left with a completely blank palette to work with. My husband & I bought a new curtain rod and grommet curtains very similar to these for the room. Other than that, so far, I’ve only put our queen size sleigh bed in there. It’s a slow process, lol. 🙂

  2. Microfibre is durable and useful, does wonders for cleaning.

  3. I’m due for a good spring cleaning. Microfiber for dust works great.

  4. Jacqueline Hughes says

    I have started my spring cleaning. I love the microfiber cloths you can use them different things.

  5. Sandy Bonesteel says

    I really like the way the Essential Mop looks. I don’t like cleaning with chemicals either. I’m trying to avoid chemicals in every way that I can.

  6. I just bought some Eclipse shades from Fred Meyer! Haven’t installed them yet but I’m hoping they cut down on some of the summer heat this year!

  7. As the weather gets a bit warmer cleaning is in order. The microfiber items are wonderful idea as there are a lot of allergies in this house.

  8. very helpful tips

  9. I just love your tips and reviews.

  10. Lindsay A. says

    Wow I am so impressed by the beautiful redecoration you did – I’m IN LOVE with those Eclipse Thermalayer Deron Blackout curtains – that Marble color/pattern is sooooo pretty!!! Drooling here!

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