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I found myself stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed over the holidays. My son was home from school for vacation. It was tough because he was home all day and he would eat a lot throughout the day! I spent so much money on food. We were going to the store every 2 or 3 days! My savings was going fast and that didn’t help my stress.

Now that he’s back at school, I don’t have to buy food as often. I am also trying to clean up the foods I am buying. I barely keep snacks in the house because they are gone within 12 to 24 of buying them. I need to be more strict with what foods I keep in the house and what I make for meals for us.

I know the holidays took a toll on my mind and body, so I am working on getting better, staying positive, and get back into healthy habits!

Are you looking to make healthy changes? We found four healthy beverages to keep you on track!

Celsius Naturals Fitness Drinks

Have you heard of Celsius? Celsius is a fitness drink that helps boost your metabolism! Need an extra boost? Combine Celsius with your workouts! They are the perfect beverage to enjoy before or after your workouts! I prefer to workout in the morning, whether it is going for a walk, yoga, or even pilates. Even though my workouts are low impact, the Celsius drinks are a great way to hydrate!

How does Celsius taste?

I found them to be light, refreshing, and bubbly. I normally don’t drink diet sodas but I remember how they taste. The Celsius drinks have a similar taste but less aftertaste and better for you feeling! If anything, they are worth trying! Why not boost your fitness with a beverage?

Herbalife Health and Nutrition Products

Since I am looking to clean up my diet, I wanted to try meal replacement shakes! I was sent Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 meal replacement in Dulce de Leche and Protein Drink Mix in Vanilla.

While both aren’t my favorite flavor, they really help me maintain my food intake. I find myself eating less throughout the day. I still get the urge to snack but I can only snack maybe a handful of food.

Even when I try to eat a meal, I find myself feeling fuller quicker. Overall, I don’t much of an appetite and continue feeling energetic and motivated!

Do you use Herbalife products? They offer plenty of healthy beverages to keep you on track!

Bali Mangosteen Juice

While I love drinking water throughout the day, I found water to be too plain. For a bit, I bought those water flavoring sticks to help add flavor. Those are great tasting but I am trying to watch my budget! I also tried fruit infused water, which is a nice change.

I love refreshing beverages, especially juices that taste delicious. Bali Juice is 100% mangosteen juice is a nice change from plain water! They are not too heavy tasting like other juices. I actually find them to taste light and refreshing!
I love that they are perfect to enjoy at home, on-the-go, or while on the road! I also love the glass jars, which I plan on reusing!

Bali Juice offers healthy beverages to keep you on track!

hellowater fiber infused water

I am always looking to add more fiber to my diet. These days, I am trying to slim down and get back on track with my fitness. However, adding fiber to my daily routine is a must! I am so excited to discover hellowater! I love drinking water throughout the day. Although, plain water is just too plain, I like to add flavor. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately, just for the flavor and to stay hydrated.

When I drink hellowater, I get the hydration and the fiber I need! It is fiber-infused water with no sugar and 5 grams of fiber! There are also 5 flavors: SMILE- mixed berry, LAUGH- lemon-lime, LIVE- pineapple coconut, LOVE- cucumber lime, DANCE- orange mango.

Let’s talk about the taste of hellowater:

I didn’t find hellowater to be sweet at all. They were deliciously tasty without being overly strong! The perfect balance of water and flavor. They certainly are thirst quenching!

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Are you into a fitness routine? How do you hydrate? We found healthy beverages to keep you on track!

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