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Working out has been a long time passion of mine. However, it can be tough finding a comfortable, supportive bra if you’ve been “blessed” with a full chest. I have doubled-up on sports bras and dealt with ill-fitting bras for years while I worked out. It was uncomfortable and never gave me the support I needed. When I had the opportunity to check out Shefit – The Ultimate Sports Bra, I hoped that finally I had stumbled upon a product that might work for me!

When I put the bra on for the first time, I sighed with relief. It is so comfortable! The bra also helped support my back and improved my posture! I wore it around the house for the day to see how it felt and my back had never felt so good. I had a full day of complete relief from my upper and lower back pain!
Working out in a Shefit – The Ultimate Sports Bra, I can assure you that “the girls” won’t be going anywhere. The Shefit bra holds everything in place with comfort and security. I’m absolutely in love with this bra and have been converted into a believer for this product.
Music is an essential part of my workout. It inspires me to sweat more and push myself to the limit. When I discovered the Edifier H650 Headphones, I couldn’t wait to incorporate them into my workout routine.
I love the beautiful color, a relaxing and tranquil blue. The sound quality is amazing, everything is crisp and clear. But, most importantly is the way they feel. They conform perfectly to my head and rest comfortably on my ears. Working out with the Edifier H650 Headphones has been a real treat! These make a great gift for anyone on your shopping list this holiday.

When it comes to makeup, I like to use just a little when I workout. If you’re looking for a product to keep you looking beautiful and that will withstand the power of your workout, you’ve got to try the Merle Norman Shadow Sticks. I had the opportunity to try these three, beautiful colors: Fortune, Bronze Age, and Toast.  These are beautiful, long-lasting eye shadow sticks that glide on easily and leave you with gorgeous color.


Fortune, Bronze Age, and Toast. These Colors are Beautiful!

These colors are so lovely and delicate! I like to wear them at the office, to church, or for date night. I have found them to be very versatile, I swipe on a little before I hit the gym or I can add a little more and deepen the color before a night out. These are also really portable and can easily be thrown into your gym bag or purse!

These are some of my favorite gift ideas for yourself or any active person in your life. I hope you get a chance to check them out for yourself!

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