Get Summer Ready With These 3 Easy Steps

Summer is here and we are ready for fun in the sun! A healthy glow, a cute bathing suit and some small essentials is all you will need this summer!

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Prep The Skin

To get summer ready means to prep and protect your skin. After hybernating from this frigid and dry New England winter, it’s time to not only moisturize, but also get rid of all this excess ‘fur’ .

My skin can be rather sensitive sometimes, so I am no stranger to razor burn or my skin lacking a healthy glow. To create a smooth foundation, a clean shave is needed. Just using water and a razor wont cut it! That is a recipie for dry summer skin and no one wants that.

The All Girls Shave Club has a whipped shave butter that my legs never knew they needed. The Pink Champange has a sweet and light scent that is refreshing. The Whipped Shave Butter is a thick shave cream which seemed imtimidating at first. Once you lather the whipped shaved butter with moist hands onto your legs, it will develope into a rich lather.

My razor glided across my legs with no issues. My skin was left smooth and incredibly soft. My legs had such a beautiful and healthy glow; it was a confidence boost that was needed. I applied my favorite body oil to lock in the moisture and my legs looked and felt incredible.

Now that my skin is nourished and silky smooth, it needs to be protected. I made sure to apply a reef safe sun block to keep my skin looking and feeling young,

Cute Beach Outfit

It was a bit of a struggle to find a cute AND afforadable bathing suit. After searching major department store websites and even going to some of my favorite shops, I decided to search Amazon as a last resort. I was pleasantly surprised to find such an amazing selection of not only bathing suits, but also adorable cover ups and accessorites that were so fashionable. I was able to get cute flip flops, sunnies and even a bag all at a great price!

‘Beach’ Ready Gear

When it’s time to gear up to go to the beach, creating a check list will help you gather all the essesntials needed for your day. Being well prepared, but not overly packed will help make your beach day go much smoother. But what if you live somewhere where a beach is not easily accessible?

I live about an hour away from the beach, the idea of travel does not seem appealing. So why not bring beach day to your home? Hyvigor Inflatable Swimming Pool is great not only for kids, but adults too! It came with a travel storage bag that is convientient and the two inflatable balls added hours of entertainment. The travel storage bag makes it easy to transport the pool safely without worry of purchasing a large container to store it in. The set up was easy and I was impressed with how thick and sturdy the material of the pool was. It also came with repair patches in case an accident were to occur.

The Hyvigor Inflatable Swimming Pool is much better quality than other pools I have seen on the market, and the size is large enough for 2 adults and 2 kids to relax and cool off on a hot day. The thickness of the material gives me hope that I can get a few years use out of this pool instead of just one summer. The dimensions of the pool are 20″X72″X20″, perfect for floating with your favorite beverage in hand!

How are you getting ready for the summer?

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