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Are you ready for extra beauty steps worth the time? We found 3 brands worth trying!

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I love pampering myself with beauty, whether it’s a face mask, hair mask or extra time in the shower with a body wash or scrub! It is my way of relaxing and de-stressing. How do you treat yourself?

As a single mom, I do my best to find time for myself. It’s not always about my son. He is my priority but my own sanity is just as important!

Moms: You are worth the effort! Discover extra beauty steps worth the time!

But First Products in Vanilla and Coffee Mint Scented coffee scrubs

I am a coffee addict! I love waking up, doing my morning routine, and enjoy my cup of coffee as I sit down to start my day!

I don’t use a body scrub or polish on a regular basis unless I happen to have some on hand. When I was asked to try a coffee scrub, I couldn’t say no! In the past, I’ve made my own coffee scrub using our used coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil!

I was sent both Vanilla and Coffee Mint body scrubs from But First Products to try! The first thing you should know about this scrub is that it is a dry scrub and it comes in a container with a rotating sifter top. When you’re in the shower, you just pour a little in your hands, add a bit of water, and gently scrub on your skin.

The most difficult part about trying the coffee scrubs from But First Products is deciding which scent to use! Both smell incredibly delicious! I love both vanilla and mint. Ultimately, I chose to try vanilla first and then a few days later, I had to try the mint!

Any coffee fan will enjoy using a coffee scrub from But First Products! Take time to enjoy the scent too!

After gently applying all over my skin, I let the coffee scrub soak in for about 5 minutes! I like to listen to music in the bathroom, so I tend to wait for about one or two song lengths and then rinse thoroughly!

Take time to treat your senses to coffee! Extra beauty steps worth the time include indulging in a coffee scrub!

Leave-in conditioner and wide tooth comb

When the weather starts to cool down, I find myself turning to a leave-in conditioner, usually a natural oil such as jojoba oil or argan oil. In the winter, my scalp and hair get dry, flakey, and sometimes static hair.

Growing up, I was always taught to take the time to comb my wet hair with a wide-tooth comb. These days, there are hair brushes made for wet hair, dry hair, or anytime you want to brush your hair.

The 11 Things I Love About You Leave In Conditioner is a fun product I use every evening. I only need a few sprays throughout my hair. After applying to my hair, I let the product soak into my wet hair, give my hair a little tease, and then gently comb through using the Knot Anymore Detangling Comb.

Extra beauty steps worth the time include using 11 Things I Love About You Leave-In Conditioner and the Knot Anymore Detangling Comb!

ETHONS Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Roller perfect to use as a face massage and anti-aging tool

I’ve been wanting to try a jade roller and a rose quartz roller! I’ve seen them all over social media and I was humbled when I was asked to try both! I received the ETHONS Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set and the ETHONS Rose Quartz Roller.

Here’s the thing, my jade roller set arrived with a broken piece! The Gua Sha was broken! Regardless, the jade roller and rose quartz roller are beautiful! I choose to use both rollers after showering! After applying my skincare products, I like to take the time to use each roller all over my face. It only takes a few minutes with each roller. Not only does my skin get a nice and relaxing massage, but the rollers helps my skin absorb any products I apply to my face.

Extra beauty steps worth the time include using face rollers!

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As moms, it’s important to take time for yourself. Are there any extra beauty steps worth the time? Share with us in comments!

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