Essential Oils: Not Just For Your Diffuser

 Essential Oils: Not Just For Your Diffuser

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I use essential oils throughout my home religiously! With my daughter starting her first day of preschool soon, I am blasting ‘health shield’ and ‘eucalyptus’ to keep us breathing fresh air and germ-free. While our teachers try their best to keep classrooms sanitized, they can quite kill off every germ, so it always seems as though one (or all of us) fall sick within the first three weeks of school.

Outside of diffusing essential oils in one of the many diffusers in my house, I had only ever used essential oils to provide muscle pain relief. Add a few drops of oils such as ‘deep muscle relief’ to a carrier oil such as coconut oil and you have a natural version of Icy-Hot.

Ancient Apothecary has provided a Skin and Beauty Essential Oils Kit that has exceeded my expectations!

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Each oil has an additional use beyond diffusing for scent. So far, I have added a few drops of Geranium Rose oil to my shampoo and OH MY GOODNESS it makes my hair smell amazing all day and provides me with more shine. I have also added a few drops of tea tree oil to my daily facial cleanser. Tea Tree Oil has anti-microbial properties and is great for treating skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. However, I couldn’t help myself with diffusing the peppermint! I must admit, I LOVE it for clearing out stuffy noses. It has a great smell that reminds me of a peppermint candy or candy cane.

Typically, I find my diffusers from Amazon retailers and have not paid much attention to the quality. Ancient Apothecary has a GORGEOUS diffuser and I now know that quality makes all the difference. This beautiful, hand blown and sand blasted glass diffuser has different settings that feature continuous mist with auto shut off, timed mist, and LED light that creates a relaxing ambiance.

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Ancient Apothecary also offers essential oils made specifically for women, cleansing the home, mind and body wellness, and everyone’s favorite autumn blend! 

My boyfriend and I are both head over heels with the products we received and have used them all non-stop since they arrived! He prefers to use the peppermint oil in his dandruff shampoo to provide a nice tingle within his hair and scalp. Ancient Apothecary also recommends adding a few drops to your temple to ease a headache or had a few drops to your palms and breath in slowly to provide an invigorating way to start your day.

Want to learn other ways to incorporate Essential Oils into your daily use? Pop over to our article on cleaning your home with Thieves Oil!

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