Boost Your Memory And Energy

I’ve noticed over the last few years that my memory isn’t as sharp! There are times when I forget details or even what I did last week! I rely heavily on my calendar on my phone, lists that I make on an app, and even lists I make on my desktop! All of these help me stay organized and remind myself of what I need to do! It doesn’t help that parents are now overwhelmed with distance learning and our energy levels may be affected! I am so excited to share how to boost your memory and energy with CocoaVia Memory+!

Boost Your Memory And Energy

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Review Wire Media on behalf of CocoaVia.

I am so excited to start my journey with CocoaVia Memory+ Capsules! I’ve been feeling so stressed and overwhelmed since my son has been home due to Coronavirus. His school district closed school in early March and switched to distance learning in May. When the new school year started, everything is distance learning! It’s been tough trying to manage everything. 

With everything going on and dealing with my memory fading and even word recall, I knew I needed help! 

CocoaVia Memory capsules

About CocoaVia Memory+

Its memory and brain health benefits are backed by 4 double-blind clinical studies conducted among ~400 healthy adults that show significant improvements in 3 different aspects of memory: long-term memory, spatial memory, and word recall. $50/bottle, with loyalty discounts for subscription and bulk offerings

Ready to try? Get 20% off a bottle of Memory+! Use coupon code MemoryPlus20. Ends 10.9.20

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I am naturally skeptical! I know I could use some help with my memory, instead, I want to read actual science! If I’m going to spend time and money using a product, I want to know if it works. I read the reviews and I scour the web for more information! When I was researching Memory+, I found that they offer additional information and studies

When the weekend hits, I like to balance it out with chores, cleaning, organizing and anything else I need to catch up on or get an early start on for the week. I also like to relax and unwind as much as possible. I like being able to recharge for the week! 

It’s been pretty stressful and overwhelming with everything going on. I value my quiet time! 

This past weekend, I decided to try going both days without taking Memory+! Guess what? I found myself taking a nap both Saturday and Sunday! I also noticed that my memory wasn’t as sharp! 

CocoaVia Memory with beauty

In other words, Memory+ is very easy to add to your daily routine! I take my dose every morning with breakfast! I like to start my day with breakfast, juice, and coffee. Then, I do my workout and get ready for the day! 

Are you willing to try Memory+? Get 20% off a bottle of Memory+! Use coupon code MemoryPlus20. Ends 10.9.20

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