Boost Your Fitness With Resistance

Back in February, I saw an ad on Facebook for a squat machine. Right away it caught my eye because it looked silly, but when I took a closer look, I realized I could really use it in my home! I bought it on a whim within 20 minutes of seeing the ad. I opted not to get the resistance bands, weighted belt, and any other accessories. I figured I could worry about that once I got the machine and found alternatives. Let’s look at how you can boost your fitness with resistance, especially when stuck in quarantine.

Boost Your Fitness With Resistance
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At the time I purchased my squat machine, I had no idea our schools would close just a few weeks later and then we were forced to stay home! It’s crazy to look back at how much our world has changed in the last few months. I am thankful I bought the machine as it is helping me to stay on track with my health and fitness.

In addition to my machine, I like to go on walks around the park throughout the week. I’ve noticed that when it’s been a few days since my son has been outside, let alone gone on a walk, he starts to get antsy! I try to go on a walk with him once a day during the week! Since then, I’ve added ankle weights to our walks. I also use the ankle weights as wrist weights when I’m using my machine.

After about 3 months of having my squat machine, I decided it was time to add resistance. I did have little hand weights that I added to a backpack and that was great added weight.

URBNFit Resistance Bands Set

I was sent the URBNFit Resistance Bands Set. The set includes 12 pieces, including Door Anchor, Ankle & Wrist Strap, Exercise Guide and Carrying Bag for Strengthening and Training!

I am having so much fun using the URBNFit Resistance Bands Set! When I’m not using my machine, I am using the door ankle to do arm exercises all while watching TV or just enjoying my quiet time!

Using the door anchor and Ankle and Wrist Strap, I can work my legs too! 

I use the different resistance bands on my machine for a boost! 

The URBNFit Resistance Bands Set is perfect to start with, especially while stuck at home! We are all bored and itching for new hobbies and activities! You can try different resistance bands and add them to your workout.

URBNFit Muscle Roller

For a quick massage for sore muscles, you can use the URBNFit Muscle Roller. I like using it from my neck to my feet!

I was having neck pain from an injury I had from years ago! It hurt to turn my head. I needed a deep massage and the muscle roller definitely came in handy! This is also perfect to use on your neck as we are all smartphone users!

I also use the URBNFit Muscle Roller on my arms, back, legs, and feet! It helps roll out the aches and stress from the day! It’s a great way to relax!

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