We Added Style To Our Fitness Routine And We Love It

When it comes to my fitness, I like to treat myself with new equipment and new accessories.  It just helps me stay motivated! How you stay focused on your fitness? We rounded up some cute styles to add to our fitness routine!  Let’s explore them!

We Added Style To Our Fitness Routine And We Love It

These days, I enjoy walking, yoga, pilates, and sometimes I like to add in cardio with Tae Bo!  I like to change up my routine as it depends on my mood and the weather. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy. There are times when I just need an extra boost and that’s where new goodies come in!  

Yoga Mat

Cranes Beginners Mat

I love my Bohemian Crush Yoga Mat, but when I saw the Cranes Beginners Mat, I knew I needed a new view! The hazel green color really stood out to me since I already had a beautiful pink yoga mat!  I love the cranes and they seem to add calm and happiness to the atmosphere!

The most surprising thing about my new Cranes Beginners Mat is that is incredibly lightweight!  Also, this mat is perfect for any yogi, beginner and intermediate!  If I took yoga classes, this is the mat I would use because it is easier to carry!  The design is beautiful and the mat is comfortable.

Show Your Attitude

Sugar Tote Bag

The Sugar Tote Bag is super sassy and when I saw it I had to have it. This tote is not for the easily offended! Not only is the tote the perfect size for daily use, but it is also not for the easily offended!  The tote bag is soft and velvety too! The words are metallic and really stand out too!

Add a little bling

Stylaga Raven Swarovski® Crystal Bluetooth Earbuds

I have to say that the Stylaga Raven Swarovski® Crystal Bluetooth Earbuds are my first earbuds that actually fit and stay in my ears. In the past, I’ve tried the earbuds that come with my smartphone and they never stay in my ears. The Stylaga Earbuds are a game changer for me! They fit and stay in my ears!

Wearing Stylaga Raven Earbuds

I love my Stylaga Raven Earbuds since they are so chic, comfortable to wear and allow me to listen to my music on-the-go.  I used to carry a little Bluetooth speaker with me on my walks and listen to my music. However, I always have to adjust the volume whether it’s because people are walking by or any other factors.

I love the carrying case and charging case.  They both make them perfect to throw in my purse, tote bag, handbag, etc. The Stylaga Raven Earbuds are just perfect for my lifestyle!  See how Jordan enjoys her Stylaga Earbuds at the office and beyond.

Be prepared

Reusable Eco-Tote Bag

I love using reusable shopping bags as it reduces waste and it is better for our planet! I can never have enough tote bags!  The Reusable Eco-Tote Bag from November Rain is just perfect for my needs!  

The Reusable Eco-Tote Bag easily folds small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I can easily keep it in my purse!  The tote is easy to take on-the-go!

Sporty Sunnies

Bolle EVEL and ADA sunglasses

Sometimes it is difficult for me to find sunglasses that fit me. As a California resident, I love stylish sunglasses. When the sun is out, I like to wear sunglasses to not only protect my eyes but look chic!  My son loves to wear his sunglasses too!

The EVEL and ADA from Bolle and they fit perfectly!  I thought they looked feminine and fit my lifestyle! Not only do they protect my eyes but they are both anti-reflective and HD polarized!  

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  1. Nerlande says

    I love to style for my everyday nice outfits !

  2. Great fitness routine.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love that bag! It is super cute!

  4. Calvin says

    Nice fitness lifestyle. Cool gear too

  5. Nancy says

    I love your style! Sugar Bitch…lol. I think part of feeling good, is looking good.

  6. TJ says

    I really like both of the tote bags, they are just the right size for all of the important stuff I like to carry.

  7. Kelly Kimmell says

    I really like those sunglasses and I have never seen a yoga mat like that one. Great gear!

  8. Gabrielle says

    Those earbuds are so fabulous! Oh my stars! I’ve never seem earbuds like that before and I want them!

  9. Tom Johnson says

    Love those ear buds!

  10. Terri Quick says

    Such fun ideas

  11. paula peterson says

    I have little kids, and honestly couldn’t wear anything saying bitch, but I enjoyed reading the article.

  12. Patricia wright says

    I am 60 and they are not my type. I am big and wouldn’t look good in them.

  13. Jessica Edwards says

    those earbuds are so totally rockin!

  14. Rosanne says

    Love the yoga mat-it is so unique and love the colorful tote bag. Love the crystal ear buds too

  15. Megan Wilson says

    I really love the sunglasses! These days working out is my kids keeping me on my toes, but I need to get back into it! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    So many great products! I’m really loving those Stylaga Raven Swarovski Crystal Bluetooth Earbuds, they’re so pretty!

  17. Stephanie O'Day says

    I love this! Fitness shouldn’t be boring!

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