Add Some Namaste To Your Day

Put Some Namaste In Your Day

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It’s a new year and that means I’m going to make healthier choices. I don’t want the typical, cliche, weight-loss goals that everyone makes once January rolls around. I want a healthier, happier, and more centered version of myself.

I can admit it, Yoga has really intimidated me for a long time. Despite being a former dancer and cheerleader, gracefulness hasn’t really been a strength for me since becoming a mom. I’m more of a kick-boxing type of girl, so trying something different was really stepping out of my comfort zone.

I was on the hunt for some great products to ease into the practice of Yoga. Are you an overworked mom looking for a little time to yourself? Are you looking to clear your head of negativity and feel more centered? I’ve got some great product recommendations for you!

Put Some Namaste In Your Day

If you’re feeling a little clueless about the whole Yoga thing, try reading up on it! I recommend reading Namaslay By Candace Moore . This book has a wealth of information that I found to be very helpful! I found Namaslay to be a thoughtful, personal, and accessible invitation into the practice of Yoga. Candace Moore shares her journey from crippling disease and despair to hope and healing found through Yoga. She breaks down poses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of practice. I appreciated that she honestly and gently guides you through each step of the pose.

The biographical portion of the book allows people of all shapes, sizes, and stages of health to understand that yoga is a practice and a powerful remedy for a vast number of ailments. I believe this book is a great place to start and a beautiful introduction to Yoga.

Put Some Namaste In Your Day

If you’re going to start practicing Yoga, my first suggestion is getting yourself a great quality mat! The Manduka Eko Lite Mat  is what I’ve started using. The Manduka brand is well-known and praised throughout the Yoga community.

Put Some Namaste In Your Day

The Manduka Eko Lite Mat is never made with PVC or harmful plastics. Made from all-natural tree rubber, it is completely biodegradable! This mat is made up of three layers that offer the user amazing grip, resilience, and comfort. I noticed that is very easy to clean and well-made. This is a product that you will be able to get many years out of. You can do good for your body and our planet with this eco-friendly mat!

Put Some Namaste In Your Day

Need a little way to remind yourself to stay centered and focused during life’s stressful moments? Drops of Joy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces are the perfect solution! This necklace reminds me of the locket necklaces I used to love to wear as a little girl.

Some Namaste In Your Day

Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to one of the provided leather buttons. Open the metal locket and put the saturated leather button inside and close. Throughout your day, you’ll get whiffs of the essential oil you selected! It’s a great mood booster! If you use a peppermint essential oil, this can be a great way to relieve painful migraine headaches.

I was so thrilled with my first necklace, my husband and I decided Drops of Joy jewelry would make great Valentine’s gifts for one another. He purchased the Eden Restored Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace for me and I bought him the Cross Leather Diffuser Bracelet. We love our Drops of Joy Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry! It is a unique, thoughtful gift to give. It’s also a centering, beautiful gift for yourself.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of my favorite products for getting into a Yoga mindset. What products have you used to help stay centered and focused on your wellness goals? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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