4 Ways To Look Stylish And Get Your Fitness On In The Park

Ever since we’ve been on a stay at home order, I see more and more people walking around the park! In the past, I’ve always gone for a walk throughout the week. It was so nice to enjoy the fresh air and get exercise at the same time. We share 4 ways to look stylish and get your fitness on in the park! 

4 Ways To Look Stylish And Get Your Fitness On In The Park
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Since we’ve been stuck at home, there are more people walking around the parks! I have even seen people have picnics and working out together! 

Before heading out for my walks, I always make sure my phone is charged. That’s where the stylish Wireless Charging Stone comes in. I chose Lava Stone because it’s known to be grounding and gives us strength and courage. 

Wireless Charging Stone in lava

The lava Wireless Charging Stone sits at my bedside. I charge my phone throughout the evening. I like that it charges my phone pretty quickly! 

Proud Outfit

I received the Be Passionate Asymmetrical Tank and Be Authentic Ballerina Leggings. I chose my sizes based on the recommendations on the site. 

Be Passionate Asymmetrical Tank

The Be Passionate Asymmetrical Tank is super cute and comfortable however, my only issue with it is that it barely reaches my waist. I almost feel like I’m wearing a cut off top! I am petite, so it’s not like I have a long torso. I would almost recommend sizing 2 sizes up but I’m not sure if it will still fit the same (not going lower on the waist). 

Overall, I love the unique style of the tank! It even has a built in bra which I like! The tank is cute but I feel like I have to keep pulling it down!

Be Authentic Ballerina Leggings

The Be Authentic Ballerina Leggings fit great. I’m glad I sized up with this one. There is nothing worse than leggings that are too snug! Leggings are stretchy and should feel comfortable and these definitely do! Size up!

I love the added feminine ballerina ankle ties. Definitely adds a nice flair!  

Update: I found a hole in the seam of the leggings after the second wash. I don’t know if the hole was already there. I’m not sure if the tank and leggings are worth paying so much for. I ended up throwing them away after wearing them 3 times. It wasn’t worth feeling uncomfortable, whether I was pulling down the tank top to be sure it was covering me up or the leggings and the straps always dragging on the ground.

As with any exercise, it’s important to stay hydrated. Even if you aren’t exercising, it’s important to drink water throughout the day! 

Copper Water Bottle and Sling

The Copper Water Bottle and Sling from Copper H2O are so stylish! They are perfect to bring with me on my walks! Both are lightweight and make carrying my water super easy!

There are times when I fill the Copper Water Bottle up and allow it to sit for a few hours or even overnight and add the water to another container so my son will drink it. Or I pour it into our shared water pitcher. I want both my son and I to experience the benefits of water from the Copper Water Bottle!    

If you want to workout in the park, whether it’s yoga, pilates, or just stretching, you can bring the Teema Towels with you! They are so pretty, soft, colorful, and lightweight. 

Teema Towels in Pink Layers and Blue Simple

I chose the Teema Towels in Pink Layers and Blue Simple for both my son and myself! They are easy to carry with us to the park. Washing them is easy! I just wash them on a delicate cycle and then hang dry them. 

Even if I don’t want to workout in the park, I can still bring them to relax in the shade! I am trying to include my son in my exercise. He walks with me a few times a week! 

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