3 Ways To Pull Off A Quarantine Summer Vibe

The Coronavirus hit our school district, which caused our school district to close in early March! Since then, we’ve been trying to stay healthy and also maintain somewhat of a schedule. Since it’s summer, we’ve been a bit lenient on any type of schedule. Since we are stuck at home, we share 3 ways to pull off a quarantine summer vibe. 

3 Ways To Pull Off A Quarantine Summer Vibe
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Being in quarantine isn’t much different from our life before Coronavirus. I’ve been taking time to keep our home clean and reminding my son to wash his hands as soon as we get home. Thankfully, we’ve kept our cleaning and beauty to natural products

We also recently adopted a rescue dog. My goal was to find a new dog this month! In a way, my goal was to be able to bring a dog home before my birthday

How is your quarantine going? The summer weather is beautiful and it would be nice to get out, travel, and just enjoy time with family! How is summer going? 

Protect Yourself 

We are dealing with unprecedented times. Here in California and many other states, face masks are mandatory. As soon as that was official here in California, I knew we needed more masks. At the time, we had two pairs each. One of the pairs was too much trouble to try to use because they required to be tied behind the head and neck! What a hassle! 

We now have a few face masks to choose from, which I very much appreciate. 

We’ve tried a handful of different masks with fun designs. However, I realized we needed a mask where we can see each other’s faces better. I recently discovered the Transparent Window Mask!

Holding Transparent Window Mask

I found the Transparent Window Mask to be much more delicate to care for. You have to be gentle when washing them. I prefer to wash our masks as soon as we arrive home, so I can hang them to dry! 

Wearing Transparent Window Masks

I like that they give us a “window” to see each other’s expressions. My son has Autism and being able to read each other’s expressions is huge to us both. 

Carol Baskin Inspired

I literally have 2 or 3 pairs of capri pants or shorts that fit me. I have dresses, but sometimes wearing a dress isn’t always feasible. I chose a cute outfit from Poppy & Dot that can be styled together or separately! 

As you can see, I chose the Clarke Linen Shorts in Khaki, Vida Tote Bag in Animal Print, and Mercer Ruffle Animal Print Top in Charcoal! I realized my fashion choices remind me of Carol Baskin! 

Clarke Linen Shorts in Khaki

The Clarke Linen Shorts in Khaki are lightweight and fit perfectly. The shorts I was sent are much different from the picture on the website.  

Vida Tote Bag in Animal Print

The Vida Tote Bag in Animal Print is so cute. The oversized tote bag is perfect to carry when we are out running errands. Before Coronavirus, I used to carry a tote bag to carry all of my essentials and then some. The tote I received also looks different from the one on the site. 

Mercer Ruffle Animal Print Top in Charcoal

The Mercer Ruffle Animal Print Top in Charcoal is generously sized. I love how flowy and lightweight it is. The only downside is it is “hand wash only.” I did end up using the spin cycle to help remove as much water as possible so I could hang to dry!

Treat Your Skin

I love using beauty face masks, whether they are sheet masks, scrubs, and mud masks! They are always a great way to treat my skin! I also enjoy using a face roller! 

I received the Organic Sheet Mask Anti-Aging and Metamorphic Jade Roller in Rose Quartz from Cynaglow to try! I am very familiar with using a sheet mask and a jade roller separately but I’ve never tried using them at the same time! 

Organic Sheet Mask Anti-Aging and Metamorphic Jade Roller in Rose Quartz

First, I applied the Organic Sheet Mask Anti-Aging and allowed a few minutes to enjoy the coolness of the mask. Then, I took the Metamorphic Jade Roller in Rose Quartz to get a gentle yet intense experience of both the sheet mask and jade roller! After removing the sheet mask, I then took the jade roller to further pamper my skin with leftover serum from the mask! 

I am very impressed with the Metamorphic Jade Roller in Rose Quartz! I can tell that it is high quality! I have another rose quartz jade roller and I can tell it’s cheap version from this one. The Metamorphic Jade Roller in Rose Quartz feels more balanced in my hands! It just feels much more gentle and luxurious on my skin! 

Orgaid Purifying Face Polish

The Orgaid Purifying Face Polish is so much fun to use. When I first started using it, I was using it every day but then realized I should be using it two or three times a week! It was just so gentle on my skin. I also started using it on my lips for a gentle scrub! 

The Orgaid Purifying Face Polish is very thick, so you only need a little bit and then add water and mix! 

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