2 Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Plants

It’s no secret that I love houseplants. When my son and I moved into our home over a year ago, I wanted to slowly rebuild my indoor jungle! I quickly built my collection without going overboard. Every so often, I get the urge to add new plants! We share 2 ways to show off your love of plants! 

2 Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Plants
Beauty Brite Disclosure

As a homeowner and single mom, I feel stressed and overwhelmed almost daily! Houseplants help me feel less stress in our living space! I also like keeping the look of nature indoors! Caring for plants allows me to feel relaxed and focus on a hobby that brings me peace. As a condo owner, I don’t have my own yard to enjoy nature, so I bring the greenery indoors with my plants! I am very thankful my son always knew not to touch my plants. He seems to keep his distance from them, which I appreciate. 

Houseplants also help brighten our home! There were several months where I let my plants go to the back burner, I was too overwhelmed with other things. This year, I am trying to pay more attention to them. They are happy where they are now, but I do like to rotate them around our home. I also plan on repotting many of them since it’s been a few years for them! 

Wear nature

I love being a mom. I am grateful I can work as my son’s caregiver. I am able to care for my son and keep him safe in our home. I can rearrange my schedule to work around his school schedule. I choose to run errands, do my writing, and do household chores during the day when he is at school. 

Somebody’s Sunshine Tee

As a mom and caregiver, I feel like I am his sunshine. I also see him as my sunshine. My son keeps me going. He keeps me motivated. I chose Somebody’s Sunshine Tee from Stoked on Sunshine because it brightens my mood just looking at it. 

Plant for Pollinators Tee

I love the Plant for Pollinators Tee! As a plant lover, you can never go wrong wearing flowers and nature! 

Display plant art

As a homeowner, I love adding art around our home. I do have a balcony, so I was able to find two handy items I can use to repot my plants and do various chores around the home

Talk planty to me framed ar

A friend of mine created houseplant art and I had them printed and framed from Frame It Easy! It was just that, super easy to place my order! I uploaded my pictures, chose frame sizes and such and it was delivered straight to my door. 

Lots of plants framed art

The art pieces look like they are high quality, especially in their Frame It Easy frames! The art itself is crisp and clear and the Frame It Easy frames are sturdy! I am very impressed with the ordering process and even how they were packaged! 

I love both of my pieces! I had a poster and a smaller piece made and they are beautiful! I have another print that I want to get printed out, so I will have that done by Frame It Easy

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