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Lately, I have been needing more ‘me‘ time to unwind and regroup after a long day. My responsibilities are stacked pretty high, so a much needed spa day at home to do a little self-pampering is just what the doctor ordered. It helps relax your mind & body and of course allows time for silence and reflection.

Spa Worthy Soaps and Lotions

Bathtime is your time to unwind so why shouldn’t it be dreamy…

DreamStar Cosmetics
The Deets On DreamStar

Hand crafted-artisan made in small batches.

Looking for something fun and funky to liven up your spa experience? Dreamstar Cosmetics has unique and beautiful skin care products to really get you in a relaxed mood. The fun colors, the dreamy whipped soaps & lotions will have you singing in the shower to your favorite 90’s jams while pampering your skin every day.

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The fragrances alone smell so good you could almost eat them!! My personal favorite scent was Cream, which is a yummy vanilla scent that lasted on my skin all day. My daughter on the other hand LOVED Shoop which really took me back to the early 90’s when the soft musk scent was the go to. The product names alone are really clever and give you sense of nostalgia about the ‘Good ol’ days’.

Whipped Body Mousse Key Ingredients

All ingredients are whipped together to create an emulsified body moisturizer.

Dreamstar Whipped Body Mousse retails $13.50 each

The Whipped Body Mousse has a beautiful texture unlike anything you may have seen in beauty world. You can tell each item was handcrafted with so much love! Dreamstar Cosmetics Body Mousse is a thicker lotion with a heavier consistency than your typical moisturizer. It absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving you feeling hydrated and soft without leaving a greasy residue behind. These are great for teenagers who are just starting to get into skin care and need beneficial but natural ingredients to help keep their skin healthy and hydrated.

Dreamstar Soap Parfait retails $13.00 each USD

The DreamStar Whipped Soap Parfait’s is a fluffy whipped soap that lathers up beautifully! If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought it was frosting for a cake due the texture and incredible yummy smells! A little goes a long way, and your skin is left feeling clean, healthy and smelling fantastic. My teenage daughter who is studying to be a beautician is in love with this line and can not wait to share with her cohort all the goodies DreamStar Cosmetics has to offer!

Reveal Gorgeous Revamped Skin

When giving yourself a royal spa treatment, we always like to focus a little more time on our faces. A great way to start is with a clean face that is prepped and ready for exfoliation.

Mermaid Wizdom Invigorating Salt Scrub is a course all natural face scrub made with 100% pure Dead Sea Salt and Black Hawaiian Sea Salt. It also contains one of my favorite skin care ingredients which is full spectrum CBD oil. You would only need a little bit of of the Salt Scrub (I used as much as my finger tip could hold) and gently massaged it into my skin. It is a wonderfully effective exfoliator that would be great to use on a weekly basis to help maintain beautiful healthy looking skin.

The Dead Sea Salt in Mermaid Wizdom Salt Scrub has a very high mineral content that strengthens skin, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and even balances the skin’s natural pH levels. The Black Hawaiian Sea Salt contains activated charcoal that acts as a detoxifier that rids oils and other impurities from your skin. It is ideal for any skin type, especially those with eczema and helps reduce blemishes and fine lines leaving your skin feeling clean, hydrated and exfoliated.

Once your skin is exfoliated, it is time to follow with an all natural face mask. A classic clay masque is what every person needs in their skincare arsenal . The benefits of a clay masque have been a key component in skin care for generations!

Mermaid Wizdom Rejuvenation Clay Masque is a magic mask in a jar! If you have sensitive skin, this mask may not be for you. Since it is very dense, it works a little harder than most facial masks. It is very potent and works on purging your pores and clarifying your skin leaving it looking & feeling incredibly refreshed! Ideally, the Rejuvenation Clay Masque would be great to use on a weekly basis to really get your skin back to it’s natural perfection.

Mermaid Wizdom Invigorating Salt Scrub, Rejuvenation Clay Masque and Anti-Aging Cream retails $45.00 USD EACH.

To end any facial treatment during your spa day, a good face cream is just what is needed. Mermaid Wizdom Anti-Ageing Cream is very lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does not sit on top of your skin or feel heavy like most high end facial creams. I loved chilling Mermaid Wizdom’s cream just before using and as well as a rose quartz facial roller to really get all the beneficial CBD soaked into my skin.

My skin was left feeling incredibly smooth and silky with a beautiful healthy glow! With all the benefits of CBD that not only hydrates, but also reduces blemishes and inflammation, it’s no wonder why my skin looks like I turned back the hands of time.

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

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