Treat Yourself To A Bit Of Luxury

Treat Yourself To A Bit Of Luxury

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As moms, we tend to forget about our own wants and needs. Actually, we tend to take care of our needs instead of our wants. We also focus on our families and their needs before our own.

Moms: it doesn’t have to be that way. It is okay to take time for yourself and focus on your own wants, especially when it comes to your health and beauty.

It is never too late to treat yourself to a bit of luxury! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. There are easy ways to do it.

I may be a single mom doing it all, I still like to take time out for myself. I like to treat myself to cruelty-free beauty or just enjoy the quiet moments to give myself a chance to decompress.

When it comes to skincare, I use a cleanser and moisturizer. If I have toner, serum, and facial scrub on hand, I will use those type of products as well. I also like to treat myself to a face mask.

QYKSonic Zoe

Do you take great care with your skin? Meet Zoe:

QYKSonic Zoe – the first and only 3-in-1 anti-aging, sonic beauty brush that cleanses, massages, and applies skincare products!

First and foremost, the QYKSonic Zoe comes with everything you need for your skincare routine, including a storage bag and USB cord. It is a rechargeable device, which means you don’t have to worry about changing batteries every few months. I’ve been using my Zoe for almost a month and I’ve only charged it the first time after receiving it.

QYKSonic Zoe in hand

I find myself using the Zoe on the lowest setting for every use, including cleansing and moisturizing. It feels like a little massage for my face.

My favorite way to use the Zoe is for a deeper absorption with my moisturizer. After applying moisturizer, I then use the Zoe to massage the product gently into my skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth after applying moisturizer and using the Zoe on my skin. Better absorption, better feeling in my skin overall. Using the Zoe is a great addition to use with your skincare products.

Adding the Zoe to your daily routine is a great way to treat yourself to a bit of luxury! Don’t you think?

PIYOGA Pants Isabel’s Favorite

Choosing PIYOGA Pants, I was concerned about length since I am petite. Based on the description, every body type can wear the PIYOGA Pants! Putting all my trust in the product description, I took a chance and chose Isabel’s Favorite with the scrunched bottom. PI Paradise Island offers petite sizes but I was drawn the PIYOGA Pants with the scrunched bottom as they are the best selling product. They must be the best selling for a reason, right?! I had to give them a try.

I love wearing my PIYOGA Pants at home, however, they are suitable to wear out and about as well. They are so lightweight, so you can easily wear them all year. If you love comfortable clothes like I do, consider PIYOGA Pants! They are so cute and addicting. You’ll see how easy it is to choose several different designs because they are all so cute!

I think the PIYOGA Pants are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes! It’s time to treat yourself to a bit of luxury!

posture corrector brace

Over the years, I’ve noticed I’ve been hunching over and have to adjust and make sure my back and neck are aligned straight. It doesn’t help that I use my smartphone throughout the day, or I am on my laptop working.

I was introduced to the posture corrector brace and have been wearing it throughout the day ever since. It is a gentle and healthy reminder to keep my back and neck straight. The brace is adjustable. I tend to keep it kinda loose fitting so I can easily put it on or take it off without having to keep adjusting the brace each time.

I wear the posture corrector brace when I’m working at my laptop and even out for my walks! It definitely helps remind me to stand up straight and be aware of my neck and shoulders.

Are you ready to treat yourself to a bit of luxury?

Saasoh towels

I love soft and luxurious towels. When I was married, we always had blue or grey towels. This time, I wanted a pop of color! I was sent two sets of towels. Saasoh sent us the Opulent Collection 3 Pcs Towel Set in Shell Coral and the Klassic Collection 3 Pcs Towel Set in Candy!

I love both colors! The Shell Coral reminds me of a muted pink/coral color and the Candy color is a bright pink! I love bright and happy colors and both the Shell Coral and Candy are perfect.

The towels themselves are super soft on our skin. The towels aren’t super thick but look and feel like high-quality towels. I wash them in cold water and dry on low-medium heat as I want them to last us for years.

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We shared 4 amazing products that will help you treat yourself to a bit of luxury! Which products do you want to try?

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  1. Pam Allen says

    Oh, my loving all these items!! The pants look so comfy! Thanks for sharing all these ideas.

  2. The Piyoga pants look comfy and I sure could exercise in them!!

  3. We love the Zoe from our friends at Qyksonic, pairs really well with our new skincare collection at

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