The Ultimate Organization Tool For Travel Or Around The House

Packbands 3 Pack - Photo Credit Packbands
Packbands 3 Pack – Photo Credit Packbands
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Packbands are the ultimate organization tool! I frequently travel for work and one of the biggest issues I have is organizing things so that I can squish everything I need into a small carry-on bag. Well Packbands has you covered!

Packbands are silicone storage straps that feature three securing loops to help you keep things organized. They range in sizes; 9″, 12″, and 15″ and each size has its own color to help you tell them apart. You can purchase them individually for $5.95 to $7.95, in three packs for $19.95, or in 6 packs for $34.95.

Packbands Are Heat Resistent and Cold Resistant – Great for Indoor and Outdoor Organization

Packbands are made from durable silicone and are heat, cold and UV resistant. They weigh less than one ounce and are virtually unbreakable. You can even use multiple Packbands if the ones you have aren’t big enough, by attaching them together.

I tried the three pack with one of each size Packband and wish I had more! With the largest Packband, I was able to roll two pairs of jeans, I used medium and was able to roll up three T-shirts, and for the smallest I rolled up three tank tops for packing. I have to say, these really do make all the difference when you have many items and a small bag to bring everything in.

Packbands Are A Great Organization Tool For Travel

Packbands are strong, easy to use, and help you easily keep things organized. They are perfect for travel or to use to organize things around the home. You can even use them to attach other bags such as your purse or carry-on to your main luggage.

Packbands For Everything

When I’m not using them for travel, I use them to keep my computer and TV cords organized, to keep my yoga mat rolled up, and really for anything that needs organizing! They’re also great for when you go to the lake or pool to roll up towels and clothing.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Packbands, you can find them on Amazon and their website.


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