Take Time For Your Skin In Our Tough Times

Times are tough. Life can be stressful, overwhelming, and restricting. I know we have felt restricted. Only some aspects of our life have changed. However, we are making the best of it. It’s a great opportunity to take time for your skin in our tough times. 

Take Time For Your Skin In Our Tough Times
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I recently added daily walking to our routine. We both needed the exercise and fresh air. I think it also allows my son to let off steam and get his energy out! Walking also allows me time to clear my thoughts and let go of stress

I definitely miss my son going to school every day. I used to walk throughout the day while he was at school. I also miss volunteering in his class, which I used to do at least once a week! I miss running errands while he was at school too. With our situation, we make the best of it while staying healthy

When it comes to skincare, I choose natural and cruelty-free if possible. When it comes to my son, I use natural products with him too. A few months ago, I noticed he had acne breakouts! Instead of turning to medicine, I use natural soap and lotion on his skin.

I cleanse my skin every morning and evening. I like washing away the day in the evening and the fresh clean feel in the morning! I also wash my son’s face twice a day, once in the bath and once in the morning before school. 

I was lucky enough to receive Zoe Bliss from QYKSonic. A few years ago, I had the chance to try the QYKSonic Zoe and it lasted me a few years before it stopped working. As you can imagine, I am very excited to try Zoe Bliss! 

Zoe Bliss

The Zoe Bliss comes in a beautiful box (perfect to give as a gift), along with a USB cord, and storage pouch. 

With the Zoe Bliss, you can cleanse, massage, and apply skincare products to your skin! The Zoe Bliss feels divine on my skin, very gentle, and therapeutic! 

I try to use it at least once a day, usually in the evening. It’s a great way to get a deep clean and massage my skin! 

I recently started using Zoe Bliss on my skin’s face. I cleanse his face with a gentle face wash. He seems to like it. 

I also wanted to pamper our skin, especially in winter weather. When it’s cold, our skin gets so dry! We received the Day & Night Body Butter from This Stuff Goes Bad

Day & Night Body Butter texture

While the jars are small, I am amazed at how thick the body butter is! I tend to grab a huge chunk, but I can easily start with a little bit, and rub between my hands to melt it down and then apply to my skin! Don’t let the thick body butter intimidate you. It is not greasy at all and doesn’t leave your skin feeling slippery! The body butter soaks into your skin very quickly! 

I’ve been using the Night Body Butter on my son’s skin because it contains lavender and chamomile essential oils, which are perfect to relax and calm him! I use the Day Body Butter as I find it uplifting! 

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