Is This The Ultimate Beauty Organizer?

Cherry Blooms Beauty Organizer

Many people love buying and trying new beauty products, but storing and organizing beauty products can be a bit tricky. Does Cherry Blooms have the answer to your prayers with the ultimate beauty organizer? Let’s find out!

About the Ultimate Beauty Organizer

This 2-piece beauty organizer ($69.99) is a sleek travel-friendly case that includes one toiletry bag and a small bag organizer that features 16 compartments that can hold more than 80 products while keeping your beauty products safe, secure, and organized while traveling. This product was exclusively made by Cherry Blooms Founder Jellaine Dee in Australia. You have four color options available: Quilted Matte Leather, Quilted Shiny Leather, Black & Gold, and Chevron. While the Black & Gold was gorgeous – and will be a favorite – I chose the Quilted Shiny Leather to test out and review.

Is this the Ultimate Beauty Organizer?

Front of the beauty organizer
The back of the beauty organizer
Inside the Cherry Blooms ultimate beauty organizer
Inside the beauty organizer attachment

Beauty Organizer Review

If this was the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, the beauty organizer was just right. It’s not too large that you’re wasting space or too small where you have to carry around two organizers – it’s a perfect size. Not to mention, it’s a quality product that was made to last. I’ve had multiple makeup bags that barely lasted six months before it started falling apart. I haven’t tried washing this, not sure if it’s machine washable, but it’s easy to wipe down with a kleenex.

I recently moved and haven’t had a chance to get a proper organization unit for my makeup and skincare products, and this has been working great! It doesn’t hold everything I have, but it’s enough to put my day-to-day products in. 

I can understand that some shoppers may feel $70 is a lot for a beauty organizer/makeup case, but the quality is amazing. It includes a mini organize that you can take in and out when you’re traveling, which is so convenient. If you’re able, I highly recommend this beauty organizer if you’re looking for a nice size toiletry bag that can handle all of your travels. Is it the “ultimate” organizer, no, but it’s so good that I haven’t even started looking at how I want to store and organize my makeup products.

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