Stylish For Fitness And Beyond

Protect your eyes and look stylish with Nike and Ray-Bans

Stylish For Fitness And Beyond
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This is our first summer in California, at least for my son. For me, it’s been years since I’ve been back in California. This summer, I started walking almost every day with my son. This gave us a chance to get fresh air, exercise, and have fun!

With our walks, I wanted us to not only look great but feel amazing with each step! I wanted us to have high-quality sunglasses to protect our eyes! My son loves his clothes, but I wanted to look cute, which in turn keeps me feeling great and motivated!

Looking for ideas to look stylish for fitness and beyond? We found a few product suggestions!

Nike Varsity sunglasses

My son used to have a few pairs of sunglasses here and there but we seem to misplace or forget them after a few months. Since we love going on our walks, I wanted him to have a pair of quality sunglasses that would protect his eyes and fit him perfectly!

We were lucky enough to find the Nike Varsity sunglasses! I love the curve shape overall. They seem to hug his head and stay in place. The frames aren’t too big and bulky either. His little face looks adorable when he wears them.

Now, he knows to put on his sunglasses before we head out the door whether we are going for a walk or running errands. I’ve been keeping his Nike Varsity sunglasses safe and secure when he’s not wearing them since they come with a cloth drawstring storage bag!

Ray-Bans and Nike sunglasses

I was sent the Ray-Ban Tortoise RB 3016 and Ray-Ban Gold RB 3362 sunglasses!

The Ray-Ban Tortoise RB 3016 actually reminds me of a generic pair of sunglasses I bought on Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and I still have them. The Ray-Ban pair are much cooler to wear!

The Ray-Ban Gold RB 3362 are my favorite pair to wear! For some reason, the shape of the frames and the smoky brown lenses remind me of the 70s! They are lightweight and protect my eyes perfectly.

Both the Ray-Ban Tortoise RB 3016 and Ray-Ban Gold RB 3362 are very different in style sunglasses and I enjoy wearing them for different outings.

I’ve never had named brand sunglasses, even Ray-Bans up until a few weeks ago. I am impressed with the high quality of materials. The frames are lightweight, even weighted and sleek! There are many styles to choose from! I can see why people love Ray-Bans so much!

No Sweat White Backless Tank Top

Let’s talk about the No Sweat White Backless Tank Top! I love the cute top the second I saw it. I love the unique way it is styled. I love the open back and lightweight and flowy look! First, the top is very cute but very thin and delicate. I usually hand wash or use a clothes steamer to clean and sanitize.

The quality of the No Sweat White Backless Tank Top reminds me of Old Navy clothing. Now, don’t get me wrong, most of my wardrobe consists of Old Navy clothes (my favorite store). With Old Navy clothing, I am very gentle with my clothes. I wash on gentle cycle and hang dry my clothes.

I love wearing the No Sweat White Backless Tank Top. If I don’t want to show too much skin, I’ll wear a tank top underneath as well! I bought a Medium because I didn’t want to risk the top being too snug. The Medium is perfect because it’s a bit bigger and hangs loosely, covers where it needs to cover but still looks cute! I would buy the No Sweat Backless Tank Top in black because it is so cute!

Solid Infinity Black Cutout Cropped Leggings

Being petite, I choose petite sizes. Leggings and capri leggings are usually forgiving on me. The Solid Infinity Black Cutout Cropped Leggings fit a bit differently on me. They are made for taller women. I have to pull my leggings up a bit and the cutout design starts around my knees or a bit below, to avoid the weird look if they bunch up around my knees. I really have to adjust the leggings to fit my petite frame!

I love the overall unique look of the Solid Infinity Black Cutout Cropped Leggings! I do love the cutout design on the sides! I like to wear these on our walks and they are breathable!

Free People Gidget Black Sports Bra

I could have easily followed the size chart and chose the small but instead, I sized up to the Medium on the Free People Gidget Black Sports Bra. I was worried it would be too tight on me. However, I think the Small would have worked fine on me. No worries, the bra may be a bit lose, I still love it. The design, the look, it is perfect under my cute top paired with the leggings!

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Do you enjoy trying different styles? How do you stay motivated?
How do you look stylish for fitness and beyond?

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    I look for stylish items online. I really like your picks. Those leggings look comfy!

  2. Nerlande says

    I absolutely love those leggings and I love your outfit

  3. TJ says

    I like the outfit and I really like all the sunglasses in the picture. I really like to be comfortable so I like things that are loose and that stretch.

  4. Kelly Kimmell says

    I really like the Nike sunglasses. Thanks for sharing all these options.

  5. Antoinette M says

    Cool sunglasses! Great clothing items, too.

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