Plush Blankets, Pets, and Pumpkin Spice; OH MY

I love my dogs. You can guarantee that I am 100% a dog lady. You know what else I love? A cool autumn day, sitting in my recliner with my plushiest blanket, and a nice hot coffee with the season’s creamer flavor. If you’re a pet owner, we want to share the cutest plush blanket for pets!

Plush Blankets, Pets, and Pumpkin Spice; OH MY
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Want to take a guess where I live and what I can’t have? That’s right, I live in the South! Fall is like Summer, but with more pumpkins. I long for those days where I can dress in my cute ankle boots and take my fur babies for a hike through the farmland. Unfortunately, I still have about a month before I experience prime fall weather.

Prepare for Pumpkin Spice Season with your Furry Family Members with STYLE

Let me tell you a little more about my babies. We have a one year old pitty breed, her name is Sugar. We also have a seven year old Jack Russel mix, her name is Sophie. Both of these girls are snuggle babies. My Sophie girl LOVES a good soft blanket. Simply lay the blanket down on the couch and she will do the rest. It’s a cute little maneuver where she crates a blanket cave with her little nose.

Sugar, on the other hand, is an outdoorsy girl and would rather be running and playing. She’s also got a wild streak and tends to chase our farm animals (much to Peanut the Donkey’s disdain). Since she is such a big girl – about 65 pounds – I have to keep thick and strong leashes and collars so that she can’t escape.

FrenchiesStore offers the CUTEST options for your pets, Regardless of Breed.

Individually handmade, FrenchieStore offers the softest blankets in the most adorable patterns. Ordering was a breeze, shipping was quick, and their representatives were all amazingly nice and helpful. I opted for Pumpkin Spice Pupcup as I shamelessly go nutty for decorations during the holiday seasons. What I didn’t realize, is that everyone from the dogs to the five year old were going to fight over who gets to snuggle it!

We even took this blanket with us to the beach. It was as versatile is it is cute. I laid it across the backseat to protect from claw mark damages and dog hair. When we got to the beach house, it protected the couches from the pup’s antics. At night, it kept my little Sophie warm while she slept.

Plush Blanket For Pets

Pumpkin Spice Pupcup blanket

The Pupcup blanket features adorable frenchies, puppy themed drinks, and PUMPKINS.

Frenchiestore also offers safe and affordable options such as breakaway collars for those babies who like to tug a little too hard and health assisting harnesses.

Pink Papyrus has leashes that are as chic as the name!

My little Sugar girl PULLS when we go for walks. I have to use thick, strong leads or leashes to ensure she can’t rip the leash in half. However, when looking for something as strong as my girl, all I often find are boring and ugly ropes.

Using the Bailey Organic leash

Pink Papyrus keeps us safe and stylish on our walks with 100% organic cotton leashes. The hand spun cotton is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, durable, naturally elastic, lightweight, and is incredibly soft. In fact, this little leash packs a big punch by handling 2800 pounds in force!

Bailey Organic leash in action

The ultimate test was taking my crazy girl to the beach with the Bailey Organic leash! Between hard tugs to great new people, the sand, and salt water; Pink Papyrus stood the test. No fraying, no discoloration, and stayed soft to the touch.

Our Bailey Organic Pink Papyrus leash is our go-to for all trips and walks. It works just as well for the almost 70 pound baby as it does for the 25 pound baby.

The Holidays are coming up soon – Don’t forget to prep your pup for Santa Paws!

Check out our favorite pet products and add these treats to your shopping list!

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