Platinum PM 1% Retinol Night Cream

Platinum PM 1% Retinol Night Cream

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When I was contacted by Skinfinite to review a product from their natural skincare line, I knew right away that I would be interested. I prefer natural products because I have sensitive skin. I also use natural products as much as possible with my son as he suffers from eczema. I received the Platinum PM 1% Retinol Night Cream to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

Perfect for any woman looking to reduce sun spots, wrinkles, and discolorations or can be used as a preventative measure as well. Skinfinite’s platinum pm retinol cream reduces the first signs of aging by repairing UV damage, restoring collagen, regenerating cells and reducing wrinkles.

While the product contains preservative in the cream, it is otherwise all-natural. Without the preservative, the shelf life would be less than 2 months.

I received the to try. According to the instructions on the bottle and in the pamphlet, I only need to use it a few times a week or as tolerated. Since I received it, I have been using it every other day or every two days. I do not really have a set schedule as to when I use it. Sometimes I forget to use it, so I use it when I remember to.

Since it is a night cream, I apply it to my face after my shower. It quickly absorbs into my skin. I use the cream on my face and décolleté with no issues of irritation. The cream moisturizes my skin and leaves it looking bright and supple. I am very impressed with the condition of my skin so far.

I love the actual container and how it dispenses product. It has a round flat surface with a spring inside. You just press gently down to dispense the product on the top and then grab the product as need with a finger and apply to your skin. I love this type of container because it is very travel friendly or can handle being thrown in a makeup bag and not spill all over. There is nothing worse than finding your bag covered in beauty product!

I have been using the for over a week now. I am very satisfied with the product overall. My skin feels and looks amazing and refreshed.

You can find Skinfinite on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Beauty Brite product disclosure

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