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I need to be honest. I NEVER purchased natural and organic oral care products let alone using ones that contain CBD. I do have an eco-friendly toothbrush; but I use it with your basic brand name toothpaste. Sounds crazy & pretty backwards right? But it’s something I just started to look into. What I didn’t realize is that there are over 100 harmful and toxic ingredients in many of our oral care products.

Talk about an eye opener!

Let’s Talk Basic Oral Health

At a young age, we were taught to brush our teeth 2x a day and floss after brushing & in between meals. This is to help remove plaque, food particles and bacteria that causes bad breath, gum disease & tooth decay. It has even been recommend to add mouthwash to your routine to help loosen any particles and help fight bad breath. Didn’t seem like too much work right?

We even learned on dental visits to minimize the intake of coffee, alcohol and sugary foods. Of course one of the major no-no’s is NO SMOKING! This sound advice was to help us ward off the bacteria that caused demineralization, a lowered oral pH and acid wear. The more you learn from your dentist & hygienist, the more you feel like you have the worst oral care habits.

It almost seems overwhelming to think about how much damage we are doing to our gums and teeth. Many products on the market claim to improve your oral health, but at what cost? Are all the chemicals worth it? Does organic, all-natural even really work? So many questions, but it really needs to be discussed.

Organic Oral Care & CBD

ORL CBD Toothpaste & Mouthwash retails $29.99 USD each

ORL toothpaste & mouthwash was created knowing that well-known brands contain toxic ingredients and lowers your oral acidic pH. Your mouth is happy and healthy when it is balanced at a neutral pH of 7.0, but it’s hard to maintain. ORL engineered a mouthwash & toothpaste that contains a perfect neutral PH in their formula. This helps reduce demineralization which causes tooth decay, bad breath, and the growth of bad bacteria. No one wants bad bacteria in their mouths, that is asking for a slew of different oral diseases.

All of ORL ingredients are healthy and organic. In addition to the perfect pH, they contain vitamins, plant-based essential oils, organic xylitol (cavity fighter) and minerals. Every ingredient was thought of to restore the natural balance in your mouth and help fight oral issues. Sounds incredible right?

It gets better.


The most common oral disease consist of gingivitis, tooth abscess and both canker and cold sores. The corresponding symptom of these ailments are pain and inflammation. I have observed efficacy in patients with oral care diseases using CBD for pain relief and inflammation.

Dr. Chanda Macias -National Holistic Healing Center

CBD oil in our toothpaste and mouthwashes can help eliminate gum disease and prevent cavities. It contains antibacterial properties that attacks specific ‘bad’ bacterias that causes tooth decay and lets the ‘good’ bacteria do its work. These bad bacterias can cause demineralization which is responsible for cavities, bad breath, and other periodontal diseases that can lead to serious infections.

The CBD in ORL products help with side effects that comes along with demineralization (gum inflammation, pain, bleeding & bone loss) and can help restore oral pH and remineralize your mouth. This can have a huge impact on oral care when included in our routine.

Its eco-friendly too??

Typical toothpaste packaging is not recyclable. They get tossed and end up in our local landfills. ORL uses GLASS packaging due to the environmental benefits as well as protecting the essential oils that is in the formulation.

This choice helps fight against the plastic pollution that has been destroying our ecosystems. ORL glass packaging is very heavy and durable. It also looks beautiful out on your bathroom counter due to its pleasing aesthetic.

ORL CBD Oil Mouthwash & Toothpaste

When you first get your hands on ORL CBD Toothpaste & Mouthwash, your instinctively impressed. Everything was thought of from the formulation, environmental impact and packaging. The ORL toothpaste glass container has an easy pull off cap and a pump that dispenses the toothpaste. The ORL Mouthwash has a twist off cap that also acts as your ‘drinking’ cup.

Both the ORL toothpaste & mouthwash have no funky colors and the essential oils leave a clean (not overpowering) minty taste in your mouth. The ORL toothpaste does not have the same thick consistency like others on the market & doesnt make your mouth ‘super foamy’ while brushing.

The ORL Mouthwash has a slightly thicker consistency than your brand name mouthwashes. It is extremely refreshing and since it does not contain alcohol, it does not burn or dry out your mouth.

I am very excited to say, that my mouth hasn’t felt this clean and polished since I last visited the dentist. My mouth feels noticeably cleaner for a longer period of time. ORL is definitely an upgrade to our families oral care routine.

ORL for Kids

ORL even created a line of toothpaste and mouthwash for kids. It contains all the same benefits but without CBD. The packaging is still made of glass, so just be careful with younger kids. I had all 3 of my children try it. The result was unanimous. They LOVED the bubblegum flavor and the adorable packaging. Hopefully this will make them WANT to brush their teeth instead of this momma nagging.

In the words of my youngest son Caleb ‘Mom out of a 5, I give it a 6!

ORL not only has CBD & a kids line of oral care. They also carry non-CBD toothpaste & mouthwash in fresh mint & Cinnamint.

Are you ready to make the big switch to natural and organic oral care?

Check out other natural oral care options right here on BeautyBrite!



  1. I have never seen CBD and toothpaste together. Very interesting. Checking out their site now.

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