Nearly Carefree Plants For Any Lifestyle

When we  moved into our home, I couldn’t wait to bring my houseplants over into their new home! I try to have houseplants all over as I use them to help de-stress and brighten our space! I love houseplants in my home as they have a naturally calming effect! It brings me joy watching them grow! For the black thumbs or those who are new to houseplants, we gathered nearly carefree plants for any lifestyle! 

Nearly Carefree Plants For Any Lifestyle
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I love sharing my love of houseplants with anyone and everyone. I have shared plants and cuttings with friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Lil' Bit Zeylanica Snake Plant

Lively Root was kind enough to send me a Zeylanica Snake Plant! I chose that particular snake plant because I have always wanted a tall snake plant! I’ve never been brave enough to have the tall snake plant and now that I am a homeowner, I want one! I have a few snake plant varieties but not the tall variety! So, I will have to wait a few years for my snake plant to grow tall! 

I love snake plants as they are the most laid back and carefree plants. They are perfect for a beginner, black thumb, or busy household

This time, I chose the Lil’ Bit Snake Plant Collection from Lively Root

The Lil’ Bit Snake Plant Collection includes: Lil’ Bit Zeylanica Snake Plant, Lil’ Bit Variegated Laurentii Snake Plant, Robusta Superba Snake Plant, and Sansevieria Moonshine.

Sansevieria Moonshine

Unfortunately, I’ve lost a few snake plants, including the Sansevieria Moonshine! I am very excited to add a new moonshine to our home! 

Robusta Superba Snake Plant

The Robusta Superba is also new to our household! So I am excited to add a new variety! The Robusta Superba makes a great desk or workspace plant too! 

Snake plants help purify our indoor air, and I heard they are also referred to as “bedroom plants.” I plan on keeping these snake plants in my son’s room! He likes to keep his shades closed, so it’s usually dark most of the day! Snake plants do well in any type of light. If needed, I can always rotate the plants throughout our home! 

Lil' Bit Variegated Laurentii Snake Plant

Add any of the snake plants in this collection to your home! We are all stuck at home, working from home and even our kids are learning from home. 

Add low maintenance plants to your home! Start with the  Lil’ Bit Snake Plant Collection from Lively Root

Snake plants are truly low maintenance and carefree plants. They even thrive on neglect! Forget to water them? They will survive. Do you have a dark area in your home, add a snake plant! 

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