Natural Fragrance For Your Home

Natural Fragrance For Your Home

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It’s such a great feeling when you can find products that can naturally clean and fragrance your home effectively. With asthma and eczema both being a reality in our household, we have to choose our products very carefully. We have found that plant and essential oil based products seem to work best for us.

Our family has been a huge fan of ECOS laundry detergent. It isn’t filled with artificial, heavy fragrances that trigger my asthma. It also doesn’t flare up my son’s eczema. It’s all natural and works great! I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet.

When I’d heard that ECOS was releasing a line of mood-inspired home fragrance products, ECOSBreeze, I was really excited! I did some research and found out that ECOS exclusive fragrances are created with essential oils and designed to eliminate odors. They are also made to  promote an ambiance of fun or relaxation, depending on which scent you choose.

I enjoyed each fragrance and appreciated how unique they all are. Most scents were blends I’d never thought to pair together, but I was impressed by how terrific they smelled!

ECOSBreeze Room Spray Fragrances

Here’s a list of ECOBreeze’s beautiful scents:

True – Bamboo Lemon created by blending lemon oil, mountain pepper, wild mint, and eucalyptus. This is a very refreshing scent to start the day.

Fun – Magnolia Lily blended with clove and hints of patchouli. This reminds me of a southern, summer breeze.

Bold – Honeydew blended with zesty ginger and sweet orange oil. This is one my favorites, very tropical and fruity!

Bright – Parsley blended with thyme, coriander, balsam, and spicy cinnamon. This is my favorite scent to use in the classroom – very fresh and energizing.

Chill – A comforting blend of Lavender and Vanilla. I spritz this in my bathroom before a long, relaxing soak in the tub. Breathe in and feel no worries!

I like that these bottles are a compact size and can fit easily in my purse. But, don’t let the convenient size fool you, each bottle holds over 840 sprays.

I also very impressed when I brought one of my ECOSBreeze room sprays into the classroom. Working in a school district with young children, my day is definitely filled with funky smells. I spritzed twice in the morning and afternoon, and was very satisfied when the parents, staff, and kids noticed how great the room smelled throughout the day!

There are plenty of places that ECOBreeze scents can be used, from the car to your gym bag. They are very handy, with a unique and special fragrance. I’ve really enjoyed my experience using them!


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Natural Fragrance For Your Home

Natural Fragrance For Your Home

Natural Fragrance For Your Home Natural Fragrance For Your Home

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