Must Have Unscented Skin Care Line Up for 2020

Having a sensitivity to fragrances can feel like a bummer sometimes. But the wellness of your skin is far more important than smelling like a wildflower field. We rounded up some of our favorite unscented skin care products to keep your skin looking and feeling its best!

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Fight Germs With Unscented Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is very important to have right now, especially during the current pandemic. Dionis Hand Sanitizer is made of 75% isopropyl alcohol to help kill bacteria & virus causing germs on your hands all the while moisturizing. That means there is no more having to worry about drying out your skin like other hand sanitizers tend to do.

Dionis hand sanitizer has a very thin, watery like consistency that absorbs quickly into your skin (no towels needed) and does not leave a sticky residue behind. Instead your hands feel touchably smooth and soft. As with any hand sanitizer, always avoid using on open cuts, wounds or near your eyes. Dionis hand sanitizer is perfect to keep multiples of in your home, office or carrying bag and makes a great gift.

Nourishing Bath Soaps & Shower Gels

All 3 of my children & husband have very sensitive skin and often have eczema flare ups. It’s rather important to have soaps available that are not only geared towards sensitive skin, but also fragrance free. Since my 3 kids have yet to master the art of using a liquid soap (they can empty a bottle of body wash within 2 days!!!) a bar of soap is perfect for less waste & sustainability.

Nature by Canus bar soaps are PERFECT for my families needs. So far Nature by Canus bar soaps have yet to irritate my kids or husbands skin leaving them feeling clean with no irritation, inflammation or itching. We have often struggled to find a bar of soap that can do it all from not only leaving your skin looking and feeling clean, but also moisturized.

Nature by Canus is vegetal based and contains all the amazing natural benefits of goats milk. There are no irritating ingredients like phosphates, parabens or dyes and is hypoallergenic. It also keeps your skin’s natural pH and moisture barriers in tact. Nature by Canus has 12 active ingredients including goats milk which is less than our usual brand (Dove) that has many ingredients I am not very familiar with. We are so happy to make the switch to a brand that is far more beneficial for our families skin health needs!

When is comes to my husband, he suffers from an abundance of skin issues ever since he was a kid. CLn BodyWash has been an absolute game changer!!! It is worth every penny (retails $36.00 USD) and has really helped his skin over the past two weeks. On top of his eczema which tends to flare up daily due to the active nature of his job, he is prone to folliculitis under his arms which can get swollen and infected and has acne prone skin.

CLn BodyWash has kept his skin calm. His eczema flare ups have reduced drastically, his acne/keratosis pilaris are almost completely gone on his shoulders & back and the annoying folliculitis under his arms that are very persistent have almost cleared up! CLn BodyWash is ideal for ages 6 months and up and is a gentle all over body cleanse. CLn BodyWash is perfect for those individuals who are prone to infections, eczema, rashes, redness, itchiness, irritation, folliculitis, dermatis, and even rosacea!!

CLn BodyWash is by far the most impressive medicated body wash my husband has ever used. It will leave your skin healthy and refreshed giving you your skin confidence back!

Moisturizing Lotions For The Most Sensitive Skin

We have unscented lotions geared towards sensitive/eczema prone skin constantly in stock in my home. Yet this is the first time we tried a lotion with goats milk, and we have definitely been missing out!

Nature Creamy Body Lotion is a huge win with my families sensitive skin. The unscented creamy body lotion is perfect for skin that can be easily irritated by fragrances. Since Nature Creamy Body Lotion has a high amount of emollients, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It keeps our skin hydrated especially during the drier months here in the New England area of the U.S.

The goats milk contains so much goodness for your skin, it made me wonder why we’ve never tried a product like Nature Creamy Body Lotion before. Goat’s milk has beneficial & moisturizing fatty acids like vitamin A (which contains retinol) & B3 (potassium, niacin, zinc & selenium) that leaves your skin gorgeous and delays the sign of aging.

I recently took Nature Creamy Body Lotion on a camping trip and left it out for family members to try. My sister-in-law who struggles with very sensitive skin tested it on a small area on her arm and was impressed! No breakouts, no flares or itchiness! She immediately needed to know ‘Where can I buy this?!’ Our family friend even exclaimed that she can see herself ‘rolling in it‘ since it left her skin feeling very silky smooth. With a price point of only $14.99, it definitely out performs even the highest end of eczema lotions that can cost upwards to $45!!

At the end of the day, your skin health is worth it!!!

Which product is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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