Luxury And Comfort With Bamboo

Luxury Bamboo with Cariloha

Luxury And Comfort With Bamboo

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When I think of bamboo, I think of the easy to grow houseplant that is grown in water in a decorative container. Houseplants bring me joy, happiness, and promote calmness just having them around. Not only do bamboo plants offer a natural look, they are easy to care for. Imagine natural luxury for your bed and bath decor!

Are you looking for a natural style with an eco-friendly vibe? Add bamboo with Cariloha products!

I find it necessary to have a bathrobe. When I was packing our things to move back home, I packed my bathrobe. I honestly didn’t have a reason but I am glad I did. My son and I share a bathroom and it is in a common hallway in the house. When I go to take a shower, I wear the bathrobe from our room to the bathroom.

Bamboo Bathrobe in Graphite

My bathrobe is shorter than I’d like, made of thin material, and old! I wanted to upgrade to luxury bamboo! Even though I wear my robe for a few minutes each day, I wanted a plush and comfortable wrap. The Bamboo Bathrobe in Graphite caught my eye right away.

As a mom, I do like to pamper myself whenever I can. Treating myself can be as easy as taking a quick nap, go for a refreshing walk, read a book, or watch my favorite show. A new bathrobe makes a great gift for any woman! The Bamboo Bathrobe in Graphite is truly made of luscious and high-quality materials!

Adding a beautiful robe from Cariloha is a great way to experience luxury bamboo every time you wear it!

Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets in Tahitian Breeze

I love the feel of clean sheets. When choosing bed sheets, I tend to go for quality and luxury. I prefer soft sheets that are lightweight, breathable for any temperature, and made of quality fabric.

I am thankful to add a little upgrade with our new Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets in Tahitian Breeze! Our new sheets are not only green-friendly, but they are super soft on our skin, weather friendly fabric that is breathable.

Looking for gift ideas? Cariloha offers high quality, long lasting, and green-friendly products! The Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets in Tahitian Breeze are luxurious and perfect to give as gifts for friends and family! If you are looking to impress people at work or business or need a gift for a wedding or new parents? Consider luxury bamboo!

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Are you selective when choosing bath and bedding decor? Tell us how you add luxury bamboo to your home!

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