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Who loves to travel? I know I do. Whenever funds are available we love to take a trip. It may occur every year or every other year, but it’s something as a family we really look forward to. Whether we go camping or take a road trip down the East coast, how we prepare for our trips only improve with experience. That always comes with a bit of research and products that make it that much easier.

A Travel Makeup Case?

I know what you may be thinking. ‘A travel makeup case as a must have for travel?’ Honestly it’s more than a makeup case. The design and sturdy structure of this travel case can be used for more than just makeup. Want to know why? Let’s dive in!

Palm Trees & Pineapples. Not only is the name completely adorable, this new travel accessory line was created by a momma and entrepreneur.The travel makeup case by Palm Trees & Pineapples is perfect for traveling. Whether it is to a baseball game or overseas, this is definitely a must have accessory no matter where you go.

The Palm Trees & Pineapples makeup case has a hard shell, which is great for protecting the items you have packed. This hard shell is crush proof. So no matter what you have stacked on top, your items will stay protected. A great added feature are elastic loops on the inside of the case. This helps keep items organized. In addition, the case is LEAK PROOF! Great for protecting other items from getting damaged during your travels.

The outside of the makeup case is made of sturdy vinyl with a beautiful plant print. It is easy to wipe clean in case of spills on the inside or outside. Everything about it; from the colors, to the design, makes a beautiful on-trend gift for almost ANYONE in your life.

The Palm Trees & Pineapples retails $22.85 USD on Amazon.

Let us not forget the sturdy double zipper with the gold accent. It adds that perfect touch of glam. Whatever you decided to pack inside, it is guaranteed to stay inside, and not be messed with.

The Many Uses

By far one of my favorite uses for this case is for makeup. The elastic loops are great for makeup brushes, and it stores the ESSENTIALS for your makeup routine. The case is shallow, so do not expect to pack your entire makeup collection. It holds just the right amount of product to create a complete look.

When not in use as a traveling makeup bag. I am definitely going to pack this with medications my children need when attending school events or games. A must have for this momma who has two children that need epipens and inhalers. You never know if an emergency arises and its always best to be prepared. It’s nice to know everything is in one place and safe.

The Palm Trees & Pineapples makeup case is a great item to have multiples of. I love the idea of keeping this particular style of bag in each of our cars. Whether to create an emergency first aid kit or emergency ‘hygiene’ kit, it would make a great addition to your vehicle whenever your in a pinch .

An art lover? Know someone that is? This would organize your supplies in a less stressful fashion. There is no need to worry about digging through a messy pencil bag. Even more hassel is saved when your favorite or most used art tools are stored in the elastic loops. Way better than your basic pouch.

Palm Trees & Pineapples really created an item that is compact yet sturdy enough no matter what you throw at it. Its large enough to fit your basic essentials, but small enough to toss in your purse, tote or gym bag. To top it off, it makes an amazing gift. I already have plans to purchase one more for my daughter who just got accepted to a cosmetology program & I know she will love it!

Uses for the Palm Trees & Pineapples Makeup Case
  1. Makeup Essentials
  2. Medication Bag
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Art Supplies
  5. ‘Pencil Pouch’
  6. Jewelry Bag
  7. Toiletry Bag
  8. Diaper Bag Supplies (Great for the small items that always get lost)
  9. Sewing Kit
  10. Nail Kit

I’m sure the list can go on and on. No matter what our needs may be. The Palm Trees & Pineapples is an ideal accessory for anyone on the move.

This is a feel good product that supports women entrepenuriship and all the hustle, and hard work it takes to reach one’s dreams. Let’s keep lifting each other up and stand behind women creators.
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