Look Stylish and Stay Motivated With Your Fitness

Look Stylish and Stay Motivated With Your Fitness

Beauty Brite Disclosure

I workout at home. A few years ago, I used to do a variety of cardio workout programs, including Turbo Jam, 21 Day Fix, Jillian Michaels DVDs and several others. When health issues and working full time got in the way, I had to tone it down. These days, I like to do yoga. I also enjoy walking and jogging on my treadmill, pilates and even walking outside.

Even though I prefer to workout at home, I still like to wear cute workout clothes! I also like to have a variety of workout attire to choose from for various uses. For one, when we went to Disney World this past June, I realized I didn’t pack the right clothing. As soon as we returned from our vacation, I bought a nice variety of fashion pieces!

When it comes to fitness clothing, it is about style, fit and performance! While I am not a cyclist, I do like wearing sports shorts to keep cool in the summer weather and to wear around the house. Believe it or not, I like wearing shorts for my yoga workouts!

Two Performance Bicycle Outfits

Since it is about style, fit and performance, I received: Performance Women’s Sport Active Tee in Purple, Performance Women’s Sport Heathered tee in Pink, Performance Women’s Sport Trill Sleeveless Jersey in Aqua, Performance Women’s Sports Shorts and Women’s Sport Shorts with Liner. I chose the these pieces because they caught my eye right away. If they look cute, I definitely want to wear them!

I rarely treat myself to fitness clothing. For the longest time, I wore old fitness clothing that were heavy and not very fun to wear. I only wore them because they were made for exercising in.

One Performance Bicycle Outfit

I love that the top and tees are lightweight and breathable! I chose beautiful and bright colors that make me happy! I love that they look cute and feel great. There is nothing worse than wearing a heavy top and it feels like it is weighing you down. The shorts fit comfortably, look stylish and can be worn with any top. Every piece of clothing that I received wash easily and dry quickly!

When I have chic clothing to wear, I am more likely to look forward to working out. I want to stay motivated. I think new clothing help make the difference.

I love wearing each piece for my yoga, treadmill or around the house. When I want style and comfort, I can definitely wear Performance Bicycle’s clothing! Perfect summer fitness fashion choices!

You can find Performance Bike on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. We can all use , some kind of motivation at times

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