Life-Changing CBD Wellness. Is It Right For You?

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Thinking about going natural & organic to help manage pain or common health issues? Want to reduce the amount of prescription medications you consume? Let’s break it down, and see if CBD is right for you.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a molecule found in hemp and cannabis plants. The two main types of cannabis plants are Sativas and Indicas (There are others, but these two are the most common). Sativa plants usually have more CBD than THC and is a natural ‘mood lifter’ . Indica plants (A.K.A- ‘In the couch‘), can cause sleepiness and increase hunger. Both provide a euphoria which most users are after.

When CBD products are made, companies will use Cannabis Sativa or hemp plants due to the high amounts of CBD.

CBD is completely natural & does not contain any psychoactive elements. So you do not get ‘high‘. Instead, CBD works with our natural endocannabinoid system to help ease some common health issues.

What is the endocannabinoid system? Our body produces endocannabinoids that are neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters latch themselves onto the cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. This means the endocannabinoids play a role in your mood, metabolism, stress level, pain, bone density, energy level and even blood pressure.

The Result?

CBD can be used to help treat ailments and reduce side effects from certain health conditions.

This includes:

  • Chronic Pain ( including back pain & sciatic nerve pain)
  • Osteoarthritis & Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Cancer symptoms (nausea, vomiting) *CBD contains anti-cancer properties*
  • Neuro disorders (spasms, seizures, parkinsons, alzheimer’s, MS)
  • Anxiety & Depression ( positive results in patients with ADHD, Autism & PTSD)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Aides in substance abuse recovery (alcoholism & reduces morphine dependency)
  • Reduces Acne
  • Helps with Diabetes Prevention

Incredible right? CBD treatment has even shown to reduce the amount of prescriptions patients consume. This means less pharmaceutical substance abuse which is a huge epidemic in America.

Like anything on the market, there are a few side effects from taking CBD. It is nothing compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Very few people have reported CBD side effects which are: changes in your appetite, fluctuations in weight, fatigue and diarrhea. I’ll take that over the possible side effect of ‘death‘ as many of our pharmaceutical drugs have any day.

Note: When purchasing CBD from a company, please do research! Reputable companies will make sure products are free from chemicals & processed with minuscule amount of THC (.o3% or lower) with 3rd party testing . This ensures no positive drug test and only the benefits of CBD. Also make sure the company provides a batch number for each of their CBD products. This not only means the company is following good manufacture practices, but also important for recalls.


Supporting American Farmers

Photo Credit: Half Day CBD
(Pictured above are the founders of Half Day, Dave & Kam

Half Day is a Chicago based company that was started by two friends and entrepreneurs. They believe in promoting physical and mental wellness through high quality CBD. This is a great opportunity for farmers all across the U.S.A. Not only does this provide a positive impact on today’s farmers, it also helps the communities in which the farms are located thrive. Half Day sources from high quality growers that use no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. So it’s completely organic and natural. Best part, Half Day follows good manufacturing practices. That means every single product has a specific batch code.

Half Day CBD Oil

Half Day Pro 2,000mg CBD oil retails $99.99 USD

Half Day CBD oil ranges from 500mg to 2000mg. The 500mg & 1000mg bottles are full spectrum, which means it contains all the different cannabinoids that are in the sativa plant. This includes CBC, CBN, CBG & THC (less than .03% of THC). The 2000mg is a CBD isolate, it contains approximately 99.9% of pure CBD. CBD isolate will guarantee no THC in your oil.

Half Day CBD oil comes in a light blocking dropper bottle that protects the CBD oil. Each dose is 68mg and lasts a 1/2 day. So two doses a day is highly recommended.

I am currently using the 2000mg CBD isolate Half Day Pro. It is completely flavorless (although flavors are available in the full spectrum) and it ‘dissolves’ quickly when ingested. Personally, I love it for a ‘pick me up’ first thing in the morning to calm my anxiety. It is also great for a ‘wind down’ right before bed.

Seriously, who needs valium when you have CBD oil?

Oh The Pain!… Half Day CBD Topicals

Half Day CBD creams and salves (300 & 350mg) are unlike any topical pain relief you will find in your local market. Perfect for achy muscles, general soreness and inflamation. Just massage it in every 4-6 hours. The instant pain relief is a wow factor for anyone who suffers daily.

I have been using the Half Day 500mg CBD Aloe Freeze lotion mainly for the chronic pain in my knees. My husband has even been using it for his chronic back pain due to nature of his work (UPS package driver). When the Aloe Freeze lotion is applied, not only does it have cooling sensation, it smells like fresh mint. It provides immediate relief, no stinky smells, and beats Bengay or IcyHot anyday!

The Half Day Aloe Freeze Lotion is intended for individuals who suffer from light to chronic pain caused from joint/muscle inflammation. By far, this is my husbands & I’s FAVORITE Half Day product. It has replaced our Elemis Musclease, and is worth every penny for the relief it provides.

Yummy, Gummy Edibles

Half Day CBD gummies are considered a CBD isolate, so there is no THC in the formulation. You can get these in 25mg which you can take 2x a day or 100mg(highest dose they offer) 1x daily.

Half Day CBD gummies are soft and chewy and covered in sugar. Remember, only take the recommended amount and avoid eating the entire container. ( They are really that good!) So far I have only tried the Blissful Berry, but they do have other flavors like Super Strawberry, Sugar Plum & Calmer Coffee.

This is the perfect addition to your CBD Wellness regimen.

Are you ready to nix or reduce the amount medications you consume? CBD Isolates and CBD Full Spectrums may be the natural & organic answer you were looking for. Give it a try, the results will amaze you.

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