Keep Cozy When It’s Cold Outside

Keep Cozy When It’s Cold Outside

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I remember when I was a kid, I loved summer weather because it meant summer break, swimming and playing outside. Now that I am an adult, I dislike the hot summer weather! As an adult, I am excited when Fall arrives! Winter is right around the corner. Are you prepared for the cold weather? I remember a few years ago, it was so cold in our living room. I was trying to get some blog work done and my fingers and toes were so cold. I was under a few blankets and even had socks on. Still, I was freezing.

At the time, we were living in an apartment with windows that leaked cold air. They were old windows that were painted shut (they were painted over and over and never replaced). It was then that I decided to purchase space heaters because our main heater could not keep up.

Now is the time to prepare for Winter weather. We have just the products to get started:

Heat Holders oversized blanket in Winter Fawn


Start with blankets! We love staying warm with lots of blankets. The Heat Holders oversized blanket is perfect to use with the family! If needed, I can use it as an extra layer of warmth at night.

The Heat Holders oversized blanket comes in a few colors, I chose Winter Fawn which is a light brown. It goes perfectly with our couch! The incredible softness of the blanket is soothing. Even after washing, the blanket stays soft and warm.

Heat Holders ladies socks


Last winter, I went a little crazy and bought a few pairs of super cute and cozy boots from my favorite brand. They may be suede on the outside but the inside is comfortable and keeps my feet warm. I wanted them to wear when waiting outside for the school bus!

When I bought them, I realized I needed thicker socks, otherwise, I had to wear two pairs of socks just to keep my feet snug in my boots. Thankfully, Heat Holders offers the Ladies LITEâ„¢ Socks in a variety of colors, I chose Deep Fuchsia. The socks are available at Target and Amazon.

The Heat Holders Ladies LITE™ Socks are perfect to wear with boots. They aren’t as thick but offer enough warmth when wearing boots. I love the softness on the inside of the socks!

Heat Holders Ladies Solid Lounge Socks with Heart Grip in Lilac Mauve

The Heat Holders Ladies Solid Lounge Socks with Heart Grip are perfect to lounge around the house in! I chose Lilac Mauve. I find the socks to be generous in size, so I sized down. The socks are super comfortable and soft. Perfect to wear when the weather is cold outside.

When I was growing up, I had a few pairs of lounge socks with the grips on the bottom (from another brand). They were cute and fun to wear but they were not as warm and soft as the Heat Holders Ladies Solid Lounge Socks with Heart Grip. If you have hard floors, the grips help prevent you from slipping and sliding!

The soft cuffs are adorable as well. The Heat Holders Ladies Solid Lounge Socks with Heart Grip are cute, colorful and stylish to lounge in.

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I like to rock the Heat Holders Ladies Original Socks on any given day! Again, these are great to wear around the house. I chose Raspberry but of course, they come in several colors! As a work at home mom, I live in leggings, capris, yoga pants, yoga capris, etc. I like to rock these socks during the day or evening and I still feel cute!

I admit I’ve never heard of nor tried Heat Holders before. Now that I had the chance to them, I am a customer for life! The price points are completely worth the softness, warmth, the feeling of luxury and awesome selection of colors and designs!

You can find Heat Holders on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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